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Readers Respond: What Do You Think Happened to Caylee Anthony?

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Prosecutors have collected a lot of evidence in the case of murdered 2-year-old Caylee Anthony of Orlando, but they have not yet said how they think she was killed. What do you think happened? Was it premeditated? Was it an accident? How did Caylee die? Share Your Theory


If Casey was planning on taking off with caylee, could Cindy have done it to prevent it? And all the while, Casey was out partying and didn't know?
—Guest guest

She was murdered-

The day Caylee went missing Casey searched all kinds of ways to murder.. and her diary says it all. Caylee was silenced.. she never drowned in the pool.. this was murder. Nobody makes a accident look like a murder. I just pray she was not alive when Casey buried her daughter Caylee in garbage bags and went off to party ..this story is sickening : (
—Guest Colleen


its obvious she killed her. why she didn't get convicted who knows..? but may the little angel rest in peace. while the mother has what is coming to her low life self. that is all thank u.
—Guest chicana

Casey lied, stole and murdered

Casey killed her daughter IMHO. Has anyone really read all the files in this case ? She stole from her mother Cindy buy breaking into her bank account every month and stealing to pay her $400 phone bills . She also stole from her grandmother and grandfather . Grandmother had had enough and had told Cindy that she was having Casey prosecuted for it . In the meantime Casey had met a new guy and brought Caylee over there all the time until he told her his roomates didn't want a baby there when they partied and that he didn't want Caylee sleeping there with them anymore (Susan Smith anyone) . She went home with the baby that night to a furious Cindy ( who had also started therapy and was told she needed to start tough love with Casey) who had just found out about Casey's theft of all her granddads money from the nursing home where cindy visited with Caylee that day . Casey was told she was unfit and that she was taking Caylee away and Casey stormed out . Caylee was dead that night .
—Guest Silk

She Didn't Do It

That is, she didn't kill her daughter in cold blood. Anybody who does the slightest bit of research, or has the ability to think for themselves should be able to come to this obvious realization. Horrible parent? Yes. Mother who smothered or drugged her child to death? No. P.S. This blog is full of lemmings. Do some research. Think for yourselfs.
—Guest knew her

Caylee Anthony

I believe Casy Anthony left her baby in a hot car and forgot her. She put her in the trunk till she could think of a way out. She didn't even want to die like most mother's would.

Casey Anthony

Why don't they talk about the fight?:Facing homeless and full of resentment she probably got drunk and went out and left her in the trunk on zanax or some weird scenario similar to that.
—Guest Donna

The Kind Of Crap This Is, Is Bull.

Casey killed her, plain and simple. Whatever tears she shed were for her, not remorse, not a shred of guilt, but for herself. Crying to look like she was the victim. "Oh, I got raped, wah! I don't care that my own flesh and blood is dead (by my own hands.) I just want to party, wah, wah, wah, blah, blah, blah." NO ONE cares if she got raped, if she did, she should have said something a long time ago, not now, when you're in court for killing your only child. It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that you murdered a child. She used those rape lies to draw attention to herself, like she's the victim, when it's really that two year old little angel, who did nothing wrong to deserve this punishment. She did nothing wrong. Except have Casey as her mother, that is. Casey was only worried about partying and acting like she never had a child at home waiting for her. Now she doesn't. I hope she is forever haunted with knowing she is one of the most hated women in America.
—Guest Law-abiding criminal


I think Caylee was starting to say stuff to her grama. Casey ran out of babysitters and used the chloroform as a babysitter. Its a sad sad story the parents must be tortured with guilt
—Guest loretta

Are you kidding?

I see that some of you still believe the lies put out there by Casey and her Attorney. They are without a doubt, behind closed doors, laughing at those who fell for their lies about George. Casey killed Caylee that same last day that George saw them leave the house. Casey went to her boyfriends to spend the night. Her boyfriend at the time said Casey was upset because Caylee wouldn't go to sleep, and she took her into his bedroom and came out later saying she was final sleeping. He stated that they also went to bed with Caylee sleeping between them. But when he woke up the next morning Caylee wasn't there. Casey told him her Mom called and she wanted Casey to bring Caylee home. That was NOT true. Casey had taken her out to her car in the middle of the nite, chloroformed her and put duct tape over her mouth. She then put her in the trunk. That's when she killed Caylee. She often used the chloroform and duct tape as babysitters. They were Zannie. She intentionally killed her that nite!!

She is a Sociopath

Without explaining anything the word "SOCIOPATH" can tell everything about this case.
—Guest Free spirit

My gut tells me ...

I honestly believe this was an accident; if it was pre-meditated there would have been a good exit strategy; there wasn't. she was probably on the phone, texting or online, caylee died on her watch, she panicked, thought she'd make it look like a kidnapping, drove around with her until she had to dispose of the body, tossed it close by and assumed she would be found "locally" and her kidnapping story would fly. her mother is a shrew, her father, a liar and a cheat, she was abused if not sexually than verbally and emotionally. she tried to act as if nothing ever happened. she should have done time for child negligence, that was proven when she told police, "I have no clue where my daughter is" -- if she wasn't white, she'd be on death row

The way I see this mess!

Casey Murdered the child because she was angry! She knew that George and Cindy Loved Caylee and she planned it for a long time..Then when the fight took place she was so outraged that she followed through with the plan than night! I don't think that child was EVER around the damn pool! And I will never think she was..Her little nose and mouth were covered with duct tape and she was suffocated to death..Casey NEVER wanted her.She wanted to play..I think she sat there and watched as Caylee struggle for her last breath and then couldn't figure out what to do with her body..Finally she remembered the way they got rid of all the family pets and she did what they did with them after they died! However the pet's were buried,Caylee was not even given the luxuary that a dog was! She was thrown away..I LOATHE this demon and I hope that she get's Just what she gave the child..No one deserves to die the way Caylee did..May her little voice echo in the head of that monster until her life is done.
—Guest Law abiding citizen

we want justice

Im sure that she did kill her own child that she can party all nights..its so weird that she didnt montion that her child is missing to any of her patents or close friends, plus she did researches 84 time about chlorophorms on the internet .and the type of the duktape placed on the dead boddy is the same found on the bottle of gaz found in her parents house.also her car smells ugly like dead body and she did give to the jureys wrong and useless infornations such as the babysitter kidnapped her child..and she did talk about getting sexually abbused by her father george and her brother lee..i didnt get it why her lawyer even mention that useless allegation that have nothing to do with the murder of the child..this story lead us to a conclusion that casey killed her child by putting chlorophorm duktape on her mouth and let her die in the truck of her car.then she told her parents about her act after they filed for a missing child .if this story doesnt screem justice i dont know what will!
—Guest guest 1992

casey is a killer!!!

Casey killed Caylee everyone knows it its BS that she is free Florida system is so messed up. Like really who does that? Sick-minded freaks Casey should be killed! Physcopath makes me sick everyday!!!!She killed that baby and her lawyer is just a big piece of s*** as well as she is! Casey will get what’s coming to her!
—Guest erica

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What Do You Think Happened to Caylee Anthony?

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