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Readers Respond: What Do You Think Happened to Caylee Anthony?

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Prosecutors have collected a lot of evidence in the case of murdered 2-year-old Caylee Anthony of Orlando, but they have not yet said how they think she was killed. What do you think happened? Was it premeditated? Was it an accident? How did Caylee die?


I have no doubt Casey suffered from serious abuse. I do not believe she killed her daughter. When abused you just protect the person who abused you. Fear and the feeling of fake security is natural emotion. You will follow and do what you are told. She loved her daughter.. My heart is with her.
—Guest GUEST

Lee Anthony?

I do believe that Casey was protecting someone - a family member. Casey screwed over her family but at the same time they stuck together. The family dynamic is so screwed up. There are so many possibilities! Casey could have accidentally or intentionally killed Casey. Her father George could have murdered Caylee or found her in the pool. BUT I believe that Casey Anthony is protecting her BROTHER, Lee Anthony. He testified and cried about how lonely and left out he felt in the family. Could it be possible that Caylee and Casey were getting the attention from his family that he so desperately craved? If the allegations of molestation on his part are true… Casey has said she threatened to kill him if he ever tried again. Could all of this made him snap and harm Caylee? Accidentally or intentionally? To send a message to Casey or possibly he was just so angry that her death just happened because of all that rage and hurt inside of him? He was the one that witnessed the fight the
—Guest Corey87


If Casey was planning on taking off with caylee, could Cindy have done it to prevent it? And all the while, Casey was out partying and didn't know?
—Guest guest


I believe that it was physical violence that led to Caylee’s death and Casey had to hide it. It is sad that we do not look at the fact that it took 31 days to call the police and that she had so many lies leading to the death of her daughter. She doesn't want to say who Caylee’s father is and if she wanted a free life there are methods to look into things. She is guilty of bodily harm and emotional abuse. Her parents are also hiding something. Why would she live with her abuser wouldn't she be concerned for her daughter?
—Guest angel 75

Caylee Marie Anthony

No child should be murdered or neglected either and I feel that Caylee shouldn't have to be murdered by her mother Casey and she accused her father of sexually abuse and many more else. Casey accused her brother sexually abuse and many other things. I say she is 100 percent GUILTY of murder of Caylee and Chlorform and duct tape her noes and mouth and close to hair and then put a heart shaped sticker over the duct tape and then put her in a laundry bag and double the trash bags and then put her in the trunk of her car! When her father George found her car at a tow yard and the whole car smell like human decomposition in the trunk and later found out on December 11, 2008 that they found human remains and it was Caylee. George couldnt take the pain so he decided to take his life by committing suicide because he wanted to be with Caylee. No one should have to go through what George went through.
—Guest Hailee Lambert

my crime scenario

I held her (Caylee) when she was born. Casey hated that baby. I was only 6 but I got little Caylee shoved in my arms. But Caylee was way too small to open the door by herself so explain that - only 2"3. Casey killed her.
—Guest caylees older sis

caylee anthony

Casey killed her and Cindy is hiding what she knows. Maybe Cindy should go on trial.

how Caylee Died

In it simplest form, Casey's grandmother said it best...."Casey hated Cindy more than she loved Caylee."

What happened to Caylee Anthony?

Her mother killed her because she wanted a free life to be with friends and her mother was on her back to stay home with the baby.

Proof in the duct tape

Why the duct tape? Dr. Jan Garavaglia announced it a homocide, first cadaver canine went ballistic at the trunk - and his handler stated that he had never ever made a mistake, the tiny spot of dead dna in the trunk was quashed of course. Plenty of proof - a lazy jury all in all. She had to get rid of the body very quicky suddenly, did not have time to remove the duct tape. She should trip up some time in the future, hopefully not by killing again. But she could do it once....


This was an accident, Caylee drowned in the swimming pool while casey was on the computer. Casey paniced borrowed a shovel from the neighbor found it too obvious the bury the lifeless Caylee in the yard, so she put Caylee in a bag and covered her mouth with duct tape to make it seem like a kidnapping and then dumped her body in the woods. She tried to live a normal life so nobody would suspect anything, She was in shock she didnt know how to deal with the emotions that she was feeling.
—Guest ccalove

Theory of evidence

June 16- Big Family Fight Speculation-not spending enough time with George on fathers day? Did Casey first accuse George of abuse??? Someone.. Cindy or George? Drugged Casey to sleep in so she wouldn't see them take caylee.. To " teach her a lesson" Something went wrong... Accident or murder no one will ever know. Casey wakes up to George blaming her... She can't remember anything. George say he will take care of the body. Casey takes off George realizes he's in over his head ...Casey begins to remember thing don't add up...George then begins to frame Casey... Casey comes home to find daddy left caylee in her trunk for her... She panics and disposes of body. Now she cannot call police... She will be implicated. Was Casey and George having a possible affair and caylee walked in????? The poor child was obviously silenced for a reason. Was she ductaped to " stage an attempted kidnapping" so the police would look in other directions??? Someday.. Somewhere someone who knows will talk.
—Guest Pip


I commented earlier but was thinking about it so, i thought !,, I believe that Caylee was drugged before anything else by her mother. She did not even climb the ladder but was actually placed into the pool water after she was duct taped just to make sure that if she made noise, it would not be heard. After Caylee drowned, the mother put her into the trunk, at some time well before she was found. Caylee was in the way of the mothers fun and relationship, so her mother killed her. While Caylee was in the trunk , her mother was undecided of exactly where to placce Caylees body but finally just resorted to dumping it while in the close area of the grandparents home. The smell of death is extremely identifiable. The mother went on to party and have her fun and the grandparents could have demanded an answer within a few days of not knowing where Caylee really was. This was no accident. The mother just did not have her shit together of a solid story. People will forget, and MOMMY will too.
—Guest candace boese

She was aquitted - done deal.

If Caylee drowned and the grandmother couldn’t help her daddy (hubby) the cop had to protect his wife, they set Casey up and it’s sad that these things happen. Say a prayer for Caylee stop pointing fingers and move on with your life. Look at your own past and if you are perfect in every way you’re in denial. CASEY ANTHONY WAS AQUITTED move on, let it be. Her Father set her up and he will get away with it, that’s what cops LIE, It’s very sad that a little girl is gone and all we can do is pray for her. Why? There are so many crooked cops that it would be so easy to set her up because she Casey liked to party. After a loved one dies in your family what do most people do PARTY, I for one never understood that. You should be grieving nope society parties, unreal. Casey Anthony can only be judged by one GOD. And as far as I see SHE WAS AQUITTED, done deal. None of you or I was there you don’t know and you have too much time on your hands , get a job and move on, BLA BLA BLA, get on with your life
—Guest n/a

Casey Anthony

I think Casey killed her daughter. I also think that for a lawyer Mr. Bias was to involved with Casey. No lawyer hugs his client everytime he sees her in jail. Casey was protected in jail she didn't care about her daughter. I think Caylee was being to talk and could inform her grandparents what really was going on. Caylee was thing for Casey at first but now she was a problem she could not get rid of, except for death. Casey killed her daughter, no one can change my mind. I hope Casey never has a life, she does not deserve one. Bias helping her when she got out to a safe place. HE SHOULD BE DISBARRED. Anyone else would be.
—Guest Joyce

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