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Minnesota - Crime Victims' Rights

Rights Granted to Victims of a Crime in Minnesota


  • Content of any plea bargain agreements..
  • Changes in the schedule of court proceedings to a victim who has been subpoenaed or requested to testify.
  • Final disposition of the case.
  • Any pending appeals by the defendant, including the right to attend the oral argument or hearing.
  • Sentence modifications for the offender, including the date, time and location of the review.
  • Release of the offender from prison or custodial institution.
  • Transfer of the offender from prison or custodial institution.
  • Escape of the offender from prison or custodial institution.
  • The offender’s petition for expungement.
  • The right to request restitution and apply for reparations.
  • Right to Participate in Prosecution.
  • Right to request a speedy trial.
  • Right to provide input in a pre-trial diversion decision.
  • Right to object to proposed disposition or sentence.
  • Right to bring a supportive person to the pre-trial hearing.
  • Right to attend plea agreement hearings.
  • Right to object orally or in writing to a plea agreement at the hearing.
  • Right to inform court of impact of crime at the sentencing hearing.
  • Right to inform court at the sentencing hearing of social and economic impact of crime on persons and businesses in the community.
  • Right to attend the sentencing hearing.
  • Right to request a probation review hearing.
  • Right to Protection from Harm.
  • Tampering with a witness is a crime in Minnesota and should be reported.
  • Employers may not discipline or dismiss victims or witnesses who are called to testify in court.
  • Right to request address be withheld in open court.
  • Right to a secure waiting area during court.
  • Right to request law enforcement to withhold their identity from the public.
  • Right to Apply for Financial Assistance.
  • Victims may be eligible for financial assistance (reparations) from the state if they have suffered economic loss as a result of a violent crime.
  • Victims may request the court to order the defendant to pay restitution.
For more information regarding victim's rights in Minnesota, visit the Office of Justice Programs website.
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