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Women Arrested for Indecent Behavior With Kids

The Dishonor Roll: Accused Female Pedophiles, Molesters and Sex Offenders


A photo gallery of female teachers, mothers and caregivers who were in a position of trust yet ended up facing a judge for charges ranging from inappropriate behavior to molestation and rape of young kids and teens.
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Ethel AndersonEthel AndersonLaura WhitehurstLaura WhitehurstPamela Ann FahyPamela Ann FahyJeannine SeoaneJeannine Seoane
Ashley WolfeAshley WolfeLisa KaysLisa KaysDevri DePriestDevri DePriestMichele JohnsonMichele Johnson
Linda WallaceLinda Leann WallaceSummer HansenSummer Michelle HansenKelly GarciaKelly GarciaMalia BrooksMalia Brooks
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