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Myths About Sexual Assault

It's Never the Victim's Fault


Victims of sexual assault often experience an overwhelming feeling of vulnerability, violation, and powerless. Many blame themselves, reliving the experience to see how they could have changed the outcome.

Rape is never the victim's fault. There are many other myths surrounding rape and sexual assault, according to the New York City Police Detective Bureau. Here are some of the most common:

Myths About Sexual Assault

Myth: Rape is a sexual crime.

False - Sexual assault is a violent assault acted out in a sexual way.

Myth: The victims "ask for it" by their dress.

False - No one "asks" to be assaulted. In addition, when most attackers decide to assault someone, how they are dressed is of little consequence.

Myth: Sex crimes are crimes of passion or desire.

False - Sex crime is a crime of violence, anger and power not passion.

Myth: Sexual offenders commit these crimes because they never have sex.

False - Many sex offenders are married and engage in normal sexual relations with their partners. The reason they sexually assault their victims is because they get gratification from intimidating, humiliating and degrading their victims.

Myth: It's easy to spot a sex offender. They are creepy and have shifty eyes.

False - Sex offenders come from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds, sex, and age. Do not let your guard down on first impressions.

Myth: Women claim rape to get even with men.

False - Although it may happen on rare occasions, false rape charges are on the least reported crimes, nationwide.

Myth: The victims secretly want to be raped.

False - Fear of one's life, or disfigurement to oneself or a loved one can immobilize anyone. Always remember, the goal is to survive the attack.

Source: New York City Detective Bureau

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