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Serial Killers and Mass Murderers

The United States produces more serial killers than any other country. What makes a serial killer tick? Why do they do it?
  1. The BTK Killer (6)

Profile of Serial Killer Israel Keyes
Serial killer Israel Keyes admitted to the FBI that he killed at least eight people during trips throughout the United States, but investigators believe there many be more victims, possibly many more.

The Isla Vista Murder Rampage
A 22-year-old social loser killed six people, injured 13 others and then killed himself during what he called a 'Day of Retribution.' in Isla Vista.

Derrick Todd Lee
Derrick Todd Lee, also known as the Baton Rouge Serial Killer brutally stalked, raped and killed women for over a decade throughout south Louisiana.

The Fisher Family Murders
On January 19, 2012, an argument between Sedrick Clayton and his girlfriend ended in gunfire that took the life of Pashea Fisher and her parents.

Hitman Jose Manuel Martinez Case History
Jose Manuel Martinez, a self-proclaimed drug cartel enforcer, has entered a plea of guilty and has been sentenced to 50 years in prison in Alabama.

Vickie Dawn Jackson
Vickie Dawn Jackson was responsible for killing at least 10 patients under her care.

Profile of Serial Killer Rodney Alcala
Rodney Alcala is a convicted rapist, torturer and serial killer who evaded justice for 40 years.

Rodney Alcala Photographs - Do You Recognize These People?
Police are asking for help in identifying the following people believed photographed by possible serial killer Rodney Alcala.

Hadden Clark - Serial Killer and Cannibal
Hadden Clark is a convicted serial killer, cannibal, who is serving two 30 life sentences for his crimes.

Westley Allen Dodd - Child Serial Killer and Child Molester
In the year of 1989, in two separate incidents, Westley Allen Dodd sexually assaulted and killed three boys ages 11, 10 and four. His methods were so heinous, forensic psychologists dubbed him one of the most evil killers in history.

Mass Murderer Michael McLendon
On March 10, 2009, Michael McLendon set fire to the rural south Alabama home he shared with his mother with her body inside. He then set off on a 24-mile shooting spree during which he fired more than 200 rounds and killed 10 more people, including himself.

Letter From Binghamton Shooter Jiverly Wong
On April 3, 2009, a Vietnam immigrant killed 13 people and then himself in a shooting spree at the American Civic Association in Bighhamton, New York.

Profile of Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer was responsible for a series of gruesome murders of seventeen young men in Ohio and Milwaukee.

The Myths About Serial Killers
Much of the information that the public knows about serial killers has come from Hollywood movies and television programs, which have been exaggerated and dramatized for entertainment purposes, resulting in a significant amount of misinformation.

Serial Killers Couple Ray and Faye Copeland
Why Ray and Faye Copeland, both in their 70s, went from being loving grandparents to serial killers who used the clothing of their victims to make a warm winter quilt to snuggle under is a story both morbid and perplexing.

Dean Corll and the Houston Mass Murders
Dean Corll was a 33-year-old electrician living in Houston, Texas, who, with two teen accomplices, was responsible for kidnapping, torturing, raping and murdering at least 27 young boys in Houston in the early 1970s.

Profile of Serial Killer Alton Coleman
Accompanied by his girlfriend Debra Brown, Alton Coleman went on a six-state raping and killing spree in 1984.

Profile of Serial Killer Richard Chase
When looking into the life of Richard Chase, one can only wonder who is to blame for the six people he savagely murdered. His parents and health officials considered him sane enough to live freely. Yet, early on in his life, Chase was displaying severe abnormal and dangerous behavior.

Angelo Buono - The Hillside Strangler
Angelo Buono, Jr. was, along with his cousin Kenneth Bianchi, one of the Hillside Stranglers who went on a two month rape, torture and murder spree in 1977, in California.

Serial Killer - Debra Brown
In 1984, at age 21, Debra Brown became involved in a master/slave relationship with habitual killer and rapist Alton Coleman and the two went on a massive killing, raping and torture spree across the midwest.

Serial Killer - Jerry Brudos
Jerry Brudos was a shoe fetishist, serial killer, rapist, torturer and necrophiliac who stalked women around Portland, Oregon in 1968 and 1969.

Serial Killer William Bonin
William Bonin was a habitual sex offender turned serial killer, suspected of sexually assaulting, torturing and killing at least 21 boys and young men in California. He was convicted and executed for 14 of the 21 murders.

Herbert Richard "Herb" Baumeister
Herbert Richard "Herb" Baumeister (April 7, 1947 - July 3, 1996) was the founder of the thrift store chain Sav-a-Lot and an alleged serial killer from suburban Westfield, Indiana.

Serial Killer Photo Gallery
Most serial killers do not look like killers, until they are caught, then the evil in their faces is all you see. Here is a collection of some of the worse serial killer's pictures with a brief description of their crimes.

Serial Killer Nicknames Quiz
Match up the nicknames with the criminal's real name in the following quiz.

Serial Killer Ronald Dominique
Ronald Dominique of Houma, LA has confessed to murdering 23 men over the past nine years and dumping their bodies in sugarcane fields, ditches and small bayous in six southeast LA parishes.

Serial Killer Kristen Gilbert - The Investigation
The investigation into the cause of death of several patients at a Veterans Administration medical center point to a top nurse, Kristen Gilbert.

Profile of Serial Killer Richard Angelo
Eagle Scout turned serial killer, Richard Angelo, killed patients in order to make himself out to be a hero.

Serial Killer Kristen Gilbert
Kristen Gilbert was a bright, attractive, well-trained nurse who, in 2001 was found guilty of killing her patients at a Veterans Administration medical center.

The Psychopathic Personality and Common Characteristics
The study of the psychopath reveals an individual who is incapable of feeling guilt, remorse or empathy for their actions.

Serial Killer Profile - Helmuth Schmidt
Helmuth Schmidt killed innocent women he lured through personal ads.

Serial Killers Gary Lewingdon and Thaddeus Lewingdon
The Lewington brothers were one of Ohio's most deadly brutal serial killers of all time.

Serial Killer Albert Fish
Albert Fish is known for being one of the most vile pedophiles and killers of all time. After his capture he admitted to molesting over 400 children and tortured and killed several others.

Serial Killer Ted Bundy
He was attractive, smart, and had a future in politics. He was also one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history. Bundy screamed his innocent until his death in the electric chair was imminent. Then he told just enough to show the true evil inside him.

Richard Ramirez - The Night Stalker
Satanic worshipper, serial killer and rapist, Richard Ramirez, was named The Night Stalker, after terrorizing Los Angeles during a year long killing and rape spree that resulted in his conviction of 43 counts, including 13 murders and other charges including burglary, sodomy, and rape.

A Psychological Profile of Jeremy Bryan Jones
At the request of his defense lawyer, Jeremy Jones underwent a psychological evaluation while waiting for his trial.

Richard Speck - Born to Raise Hell
The words "Born to Raise Hell" were tattooed on the arm of the tall pocked-faced man with a southern drawl who entered a nursing student's dormitory on a warm July night in 1966. Once inside he committed a series of crimes that shocked America and sent Chicago authorities on a massive manhunt for a madman who they soon identified as Richard Speck. This is a profile of the man, his life and his crimes, both during his life and after his death.

John Wayne Gacy the "Killer Clown"
John Wayne Gacy was convicted of the torture, rape and murder of 33 men between 1972 until his arrest in 1978. He was dubbed the "Killer Clown" because he entertained kids at parties as "Pogo The Clown."

Henry "Pee Wee" Gaskins - Part 3
Gaskins confessed to several murders during the last days of his life. How much truth was in his confessions was never confirmed. Many believed he did not want to be known in history as a tiny man, but rather as a prolific killer.

David Berkowitz - The Son of Sam
David Berkowitz, also known as Son of Sam, murdered young couples in New York City during the 1970s.

Henry "Pee Wee" Gaskins - Part 2
All through Gaskins' life he had what he described as, 'them aggravated and bothersome feelings,' that seemed to push him into criminal activity. He found little relief from the feelings until September 1969, when he picked up a female hitchhiker in North Carolina...

Cesar Barone - Rapist and Serial Killer from Oregon
The profile of serial killer, Cesar Barone, now on death row in Oregon, for raping and killing senior-aged women.

Velma Barfield - Misfortune or Murder?
People close to Velma Barfield were dying. Was it misfortune or murder?

Ed Gein
The Plainsfield, Wisconsin police department had no idea of the grotesque world they were about to enter when they went to Ed Gein's farm home to investigate the disappearance of a local woman. Gein's crimes went down in history as some of the most disgusting ever uncovered that encompassed murder, grave robbing and cannibalism.

Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris
In late October 1979, California authorities were busy hunting down and capturing The Hillside Strangler, Angelo Buono. In the meantime, two more equally barbaric killers had teamed up to fulfill a prison time fantasy - to kidnap, rape, torture and kill a girl for each teenage year. This is their story.

Juan Corona - The Machete Murderer
Juan Corona was a labor contractor who hired migrant workers for produce fields in California. In a murder spree lasting six weeks, he raped and murdered 25 men and buried their machete-hacked bodies in the orchards owned by local farmers.

Ted Bundy's Identity Exposed
For month authorities from Utah, Washington, and Colorado worked together to find the serial killer named "Ted" who was brutally killing women everywhere he went, using their kindess to lead them into his trap.

Donald "Pee Wee" Gaskins
Donald Pee Wee Gaskins was a sadistic cannibalistic serial killer who stalked both men and women. He earned the reputation as being the most active serial killer in the history of South Carolina.

Velma Margie Barfield
Velma Barfield was a 52-year-old grandmother and serial poisoner who used arsenic as her weapon. She was also the first woman executed after the death penalty was reinstituted in 1976 in North Carolina and the first woman to die by lethal injection.

Jeremy Bryan Jones - Profile and Timeline
On October 26, 2005, Jeremy Bryan Jones was convicted of the rape, burglary, sexual abuse, kidnapping and capital murder of Lisa Nichols. He now faces prosecution for the murder of Katherine Collins of Georgia and Amanda Greenwell of Douglas County, Ga. Police suspect Jones is a serial killer who may be linked to at least 10 other murders across the country.

Pedro Alonso Lopez - The Monster of the Andes
Pedro Alonzo Lopez, known as the ‘The Monster of the Andes,’ was one of history’s most horrific serial killers. He responsible for the brutal murders of over 350 children. He bragged of his crimes and promised to do it again if ever released from prison. Yet in the middle of the night he was taken from prison to a van then driven to the Columbia...

Serial Killer Identified Through DNA Technology
Turner is the most prolific serial killer in the history of Los Angeles but was finally identified through DNA technology. Read about his victims and the man who was mistakenly imprisoned for Turner's crimes.

Joe Ball
Joe Ball figured out a full proof way to get rid of evidence.

Jack The Ripper
A serial killer murdered and mutilated at least five prostitutes in the East End of London in 1888 and because no one was ever arrested or tried for the murders, crime buffs are still fascinated with the case more than 115 years later.

John Eric Armstrong
No one could believe that the child-like face of John Eric Armstrong, nicknamed 'Opie' by his navy friends, was really the face of a cold and calculating serial killer.

Multiple Murderers
Based on the patterns of their murders, multiple killers are classified into three basic categories -- mass murderers, spree killers, and serial killers.

Evaluating a Psychological Profile of a Serial Killer
To discover what makes a serial killer function, it is necessary to look back into their past, particularly their adolescent life.

Harold Shipman
The BBC looks into the life of one of the most prolific serial killers in the world. It is estimated Shipman was responsible for 236 murders over 24 years, finally ending in 1998.

Serial Killer's Twisted Motivation
"Most of the time I killed them the first time I met them, and I do not have a good memory of their faces." This is just one of many cold statements made by Gary Ridgway, when he pled guilty to 48 counts of aggravated first-degree murder in the Green River killing cases.

The Grim Sleeper Serial Killer Case
For more than two decades, the Los Angeles Police Department worked to solve a series of 11 murders that occurred between 1985 and 2007 that were linked to the same suspect by DNA and ballistic evidence.

Gary Ridgway - The Green River Killer
Gary Ridgeway, the Green River Killer, went on nearly a 20 year killing spree, making him one of the most prolific serial killers in U.S. history.

Nannie Doss
Nannie Doss was a serial killer who earned the monikers "The Giggling Nanny", "The Giggling Granny" and "The Jolly Black Widow" after killing several family members from the 1920s to 1954.

Donald Harvey - the Angel of Death
Serial killer Donald Harvey is responsible for killing 36 to 57 people, many of who were patients at hospitals where he was employed. Called the "Angel of Death" Donald Harvey killed for 17 years before he was arrested and confessed to the murders.

Victims of Serial Killer Derrick Todd Lee
Derrick Todd Lee, also known as the Baton Rouge Serial Killer, has been linked through DNA to several murdered women in south Louisiana. His victims were all attractive, successful women who had full lives ahead of them, lives that he snatched away.

There are many types of killers. Some kill for money, others are motivated by lust and perversion. Some murder once in a fit of passion, while others leave a trail of victims. Here are the stories of killers that have walked among us.

Sean Vincent Gillis
Sean Vincent Gillis kidnapped, murdered, raped, butchered and sometimes cannibalized women in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana from 1994 until his captured in 2004.

Profile of Charles Starkweather
Charles Starkweather and his 14 year old girlfriend went on an eight day killing spree whose victims included the girl's own parents and baby sister.

Robert Diaz
Serial killer Robert Diaz used the hospital where he was employed as the backdrop for the murders of at least 13 of his patients.

Kimberly Saenz
Vocational nurse Kimberly Saenz killed and injured eight dialysis patients with a common cleaning chemical.

Profile of Joseph Michael Swango
Suspected of killing up to 60 patients, Michael Swango was one of the worst serial killer doctors in the history of the U.S.

Angels of Mercy
Nurses who kill patients do it for a variety of reason, but they all share one characteristic, which is that they are serial killers who often do not stop killing until they are caught.

The Suicide Letter of Israel Keyes
On December 2, 2012, Israel Keyes took his own life in an Anchorage, Alaska jail cell after confessing to killing at least eight people across the United States.

Updated Details of the Travels of Israel Keyes
The FBI has asked for the public's help in finding clues that might lead to more victims of serial killer Israel Keyes.

The Death of Samantha Koenig
On Feb. 1, 2012, Samantha Koenig, 18, was last seen on surveillance video being led away by an armed man from an Anchorage coffee shop where she worked.

The Travels of Serial Killer Israel Keyes
When Israel Keyes killed himself in an Anchorage jail cell he had admitted to killing at least eight people, but he made dozens of trips around the country that could indicate more victims.

Harvey M. Robinson
For two years Harvey Robinson stalked, raped and killed residents of Allentown, Pennsylvania, making him one of the youngest serial killers in U.S. history.

Wesley Shermantine and Loren Herzog
Herzog and Shermantine, known as the "Speed Freak Killers," were convicted of four murders between 1984 and 1999, but were suspected in as many as 24 killings.

Mark Orrin Barton
Atlanta day-trader Mark Barton opened fire at two trading firms where he had lost money, killing several and injuring dozens of others. Was it the loss of money or a history of paranoia and violence that sent him over the edge?

Mass Murderer Richard Wade Farley
Richard Farley went on a shooting spree after he was fired for his relentless stalking of a co-worker.

U.S. Mass Murders and Spree Killers Profiled
A look at some of the most deadly spree killers and events in the U.S.

Tommy Lynn Sells
Tommy Lynn Sells is a serial killer that has claimed responsibility for murdering over 70 people across the U.S.

Serial Killer Randolph Kraft
Randy Kraft also known as the "Scorecard Killer" was responsible for the sexual assault and sadistic murders of 16 young men, mostly from Orange County.

Serial Killer Randolph Kraft
Randy Kraft also known as the "Scorecard Killer" was responsible for the sexual assault and sadistic murders of 16 young men, mostly from Orange County.

Bobbie Sue Dudley
Bobbie Sue Dudley went from being a caring sister to her sick brothers to a serial killer who turned the halls of the nursing home where she worked to her own killing ground.

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