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Quiz - Do You Know a Psychopath?

This Test Could Reveal Surprising Revelations



Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer

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Have you ever interacted with a person, who for no real identifiable reason, caused a chill to go up your spine? Possibly it is a coworker or boss with a chameleon-type personality who often displays extreme behavior? Maybe you have dated someone who seemed like the ideal mate at first, but soon frightened you and made you long to be far away from them?

There have been many studies delving into the mind of the psychopath and to date, there is not one specific pattern they fit into. There are however, several characteristics which most of them share. Many of these characteristics are those that many of us have, but to what scale they dominate our lives or control or behavior is what makes the difference between normal and extreme. Knowing some of the more common characteristics of a psychopath can be used as warning signals as the behavior begins to appear. Psychopaths are incapable of forever masking their indifference to human life.

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