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Profile of Sadistic Killer, Charles Chi-tat Ng


Charles Chi-tat Ng

Charles Chi-tat Ng - Sadistic Killer

Mug Shot

Charles Chi-tat Ng - A Troubled Teen:

Charles Chi-tat Ng was born in Hong Kong on Dec. 24, 1960. His father was a wealthy executive and a strict disciplinarian. Ng was a troubled teen and was expelled from various schools. His father tried to help Ng straighten out his life by sending him to a boarding school in England where his uncle was a teacher. Not long after his arrival, he was caught stealing from his fellow classmates. When he was caught shoplifting from a local store he was expelled from school and returned to Hong Kong.

Ng Comes to the United States:

At the age of 18 Ng obtained a U.S. student visa and attended Notre Dame College in California. After one semester, he dropped out and hung around until October 1979, when he was convicted in a hit-and- run automobile offense and ordered to pay restitution. Instead of paying, Ng opted to join the Marines and lied on his enlistment application by putting he was a U.S. citizen and his birthplace was Bloomington, Indiana. The military authorities believed it and enlisted him.

Ng's Military Career - A Career Built on Lies:

After a year in the Marines, Ng had become a lance corporal but his career was cut short after a 1981 incident involving the theft of weapons stolen from an armory at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station in Hawaii. Ng, along with three other soldiers, stole a range of weapons including two M-16 assault rifles and three grenade launchers. Ng fled before being arrested, but was caught by military police a month later and locked up in a Marine jail in Hawaii to await trial.

Ng Does Time In Leavenworth Prison:

Almost immediately after his incarceration, Ng managed to escape from jail and fled to California. It was there that he met up with Leonard Lake and Lake's wife, Claralyn Balasz. The three became roommates until their arrest by the FBI on weapons charges. Ng was convicted and sent to Leavenworth Prison where he served three years. Lake made bail and went into hiding in a remote cabin owned by his wife's parents in Wilseyville, California, located at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Ng and Lake Reunite and Their Ghastly Crimes Begin:

After Ng's release from prison, he reunited with Lake at the cabin. Shortly after the reunion, the two began living out the sexually sadistic and murderous fantasies of Lake. There seemed no barriers to who the two would murder with the list including Lake's own brother, babies, husband and wives, and friends of Lake's, all totaling seven men, three women and two babies. Authorities believe the number of victims murdered by the two to be much higher, with many of the dead still unidentified.

Ng's Inept Shoplifting Skills Surface Again:

Ng's inability to shoplift ended the pair's torturous murder spree. Ng and Lake stopped at a lumberyard to get a replacement for a bench vise they broke when using it to torture their victims. An employee contacted police after seeing Ng shoplift a vise and place it into the pair's car. Realizing he had been seen he took off. Lake tried to convince police it was all a misunderstanding but when one of the officers looked in the trunk of Lake's car, he spotted a .22 revolver and a silencer.

Lake's Lies Fail To Save Him:

Officer Wright did a check on the 1980 Honda Prelude that Lake was driving and the registration number matched to a Buick registered in the name of Lonnie Bond. Lake produced his driver's license, and it showed he was a 26-year-old named Robin Stapley. Wright was suspicious since Lake looked considerably older than 26. He ran a check on the serial number from the gun, and it came back as being owned by Stapley. Lake was arrested for owning the illegal gun.

The End of Leonard Lake:

Lake sat handcuffed in a room at the police station. When informed that the Honda he was driving was registered to a man who had been reported missing, Lake requested a pen and paper and a glass of water. The officer obliged him and Lake scribbled a note, told the officer his and Ng's real names, than swallowed two cyanide pills he retrieved from behind his collar. He went into convulsions and was rushed to the hospital where he remained in a comatose state until he died.

Ghastly Secrets Uncovered:

The police began to investigate Lake, figuring his suicide could be related to a more serious crime. They visited the cabin where Lake and Ng lived and immediately found bones in the cabin's driveway. Ng was on the run as the investigators began to uncover the gruesome crimes that took place on the property. Remnants of charred body parts, corpses, bone chips, and a variety of personal belongings, weapons and videotapes were found.

Operation Miranda:

Inside the cabin's master bedroom, police uncovered various pieces of women's bloody lingerie. The four-poster bed had wires tied around each poster and retraints bolted into the floor. Blood was found in various places including under the mattress. Also discovered was Lake's diary where he detailed the various acts of torture, rape and murder that he and Ng had performed on their victims in what he referred to as, 'Operation Miranda.'

Operation Miranda was a confusing fantasy that Lake created that centered on the end of the world and his need to dominate women who would eventually become his sexual slaves. Ng became a partner to his fantasy and the two began trying to turn it into some kind of demented and sick reality.

On the property, investigators found a bunker that was partially built into a hillside. Inside the bunker were three rooms, two that were hidden. The first hidden room contained various tools and a sign with the words "The Miranda" hanging on the wall. The second hidden room was a 3 x7 cell with a bed, chemical commode, table, one-way mirror, constraints, no light, and was wired for sound. The room was designed so that at anytime the inhabitant could be watched and heard from the outer room.

On videotapes found by police, two women at separate times were shown bound, taunted with knives by Ng, and threatened by Lake with death if they failed to concede to being sexual slaves. One woman was forced to strip, then later raped. The other woman had her clothing cut away by Ng. She begged for information about her baby but eventually gave in to the pair's demands after they threatened her life and the life of her baby if she didn't cooperate. Complete details of what the tapes revealed to the investigators was never disclosed.

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