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Top Crime Polls 2011

A look back at the top polls for 2011


Every week visitors to the site have an opportunity to voice their opinions on a variety of current criminal issues. Here are the top 10 crime polls for 2011. Did you get a chance to vote?

1. Poll: What Should Casey Anthony Pay for Lying?

Caylee Anthony
Family Photo

When authorities questioned Casey Anthony about her missing daughter Caylee, Anthony lied saying she was kidnapped by a fictitious nanny. During her trial Anthony's defense lawyer admitted that she had lied about the kidnapping and that Caylee had actually drowned in the family pool.

After the trial Judge Belvin Perry had to decide if Casey Anthony should pay back the cost of the investigation and prosecution of the murder or just pay for the cost of the kidnapping investigation.

Poll results: 76 percent of the voters said she should have to pay for both the investigation and the prosecution.

On Sept. 23, 2011, Judge Perry ruled that Anthony will have to pay the Florida Department of Law Enforcement $61,505.12, Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation $10,283.90, Orange County Sheriff's Office $145,660.21, and the State Attorney's Office $50.

Poll: What should Casey Anthony pay?
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2. Poll: Do You Think Caylee Drowned?

Casey Anthony
© Getty Images
The Casey Anthony trial started off with a shocker when Anthony's attorney Jose Baez said in his opening statement that Caylee Anthony was never missing and in fact she had drowned in the family swimming pool the morning after Father's Day. See details.

Poll results: 77 percent of the voters did not believe Caylee drowned.

Poll: Do you think Caylee Anthony accidentally drowned in the family pool?
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3. Poll: Who Did You Believe the Most?

Caylee Marie Anthony
Family Photo

Most everyone watching the Casey Anthony trial had opinions about the credibility of the testimony that the members of the Anthony family gave on the witness stand.

We asked voters to tell us whose testimony they felt was the most honest.

Poll results: 39 percent of those voting did not feel that any of the Anthony family gave credible testimony. 31 percent felt George's testimony was the most credible and only 6 percent believed what Cindy had to say.

Poll: Which family member gave the most credible testimony?
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4. Poll: The Cancelation of America's Most Wanted

John Walsh America's Most Wanted

In 2011, many of us were surprised when Fox network cancelled "America's Most Wanted" (AMW) hosted by the popular crime fighter, John Walsh.

AMW became the first Fox show to ever grab the highest viewership in its time slot and had been an essential element in getting public participation in helping to solve crimes. At the time that it was cancelled more than 5 million people watch the program each week.

We wanted to know what people thought about Fox cancelling the show.

Poll results: An astounding 93 percent thought Fox made a mistake.

Poll: What do you think about Fox canceling America's Most Wanted?
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5. Poll: Were the Police Right?

Charlie Sheen
Mug Shot

Back before Charlie Sheen seemed to lose his mind in front of his home cam and most of his problems seemed centered around his ex-wife, we asked voters what they thought about the police removing his children from his home after his ex-wife said he allegedly kept the children when it wasn't his turn and wouldn't let her see them.

Poll result: 71 percent of you agreed that the police had legal grounds to remove the children.

Poll: Did the police have legal grounds to remove the children from Sheen's home?
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6. Poll: Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety Quiz

Many parents today believe that Halloween is not as safe as it was when they were kids, but do they know what the biggest threat is to their kids who are out trick-or-treating?

Poll Results: Only 65 percent of those voting knew the correct answer.

Poll: Which of the following is the biggest threat to Halloween trick-or-treaters?
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7. Poll: Privacy Rights for Gun Owners

Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan
Getty Images

There was a big controversy about gun owners' right to privacy after Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced that a list of firearm permit holders within the state should be public information.

Poll Results: 76 percent of those voting did not agree with Madigan.

Poll: Should the names of gun owners be made public?
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8. Poll: Did Lindsay Lohan Learn Her Lesson?

Lindsay Lohan
© Getty Images

In 2011 the amount of times Lindsay Lohan made the news got to be ridiculous, as did the amount of times she avoided whatever sentences were handed down by the judges.

During July 2011, Lohan was freed from 35 days of house arrest and all electronic monitoring equipment was removed.

She was originally sentenced to four months in jail for violating her probation after pleading no contest to stealing a $2,500 necklace.

We wanted to know if voters thought Lohan learned her lesson after being on house arrest.

Poll Results: 78 percent of voters did not believe she learned her lesson.

Poll: Has Lohan learned her lesson after being on house arrest? Vote | View Poll Results

9. Poll: No More Last Meals?

Lawrence Brewer

Death row inmate Lawrence Brewer decided he would play out one last act of revenge before being executed by ordering an excessive amount of food for his last meal and then saying he wasn't hungry.

Brewer did not prevent the "don't mess with Texas" state from executing him, but it change future death row inmates from being allowed last meal requests.

We wanted to know if voters agreed with this new policy.

Poll results: Only 40 percent agreed completely and another 35 percent thought the inmates should be allowed a last meal, but with limitations.

Poll: Should last meal requests be stopped?
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10. Poll: Is a 12-Year-Old an Adult?

Cristian Fernandez

When we first posted the poll about Christian Fernandez, age 12, being charged as an adult with first degree murder of his 2-year-old brother, many facts of the crime were not yet available.

What we did know what that if the boy was found guilty he could spend the rest of his life in prison. We also learned that prosecutors believed the child's death was a result of premeditated murder.

Since then more details of the crime have surfaced, but at the time we wanted to know what people thought about a 12 year old being charged as an adult.

Poll results: 46 percent of the voters did not agree with prosecutors.

Poll: Should a 12-year-old be charged as an adult?
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