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Phil Spector - Guilty or Not Guilty?

Charged With the Fatal Shooting of Actress Lana Clarkston


Phil Spector

Phil Spector / Lana Clarkston

Mugshot / Publicity Photo
Legendary rock and roll music producer Phil Spector is charged with the fatal shooting of former actress Lana Clarkston Feb. 3, 2003 at his Los Angeles mansion. Clarkson, 40, was a hostess at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip. She left the club with Spector and was later found shot at his home. After more than six months of investigation, authorities concluded Spector shot her. He was officially charged in November of 2003. Spector, 64, is free on $1 million bail. He says he is innocent and that she shot herself.

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Phil Spector - Guilty or Not Guilty?

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The Phil Spector Case
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