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Famous Crimes and Criminals


These are the cases books are written about and movies are made -- the heinous crimes, the serial killers, the shocking murder cases, the celebrity defendants and the cold case files, some of which have remained unsolved for decades. Get the background on these famous cases and find out if there have been any recent developments.
  1. Unsolved Crimes and Cold Cases
  2. Serial Killers
  3. Infamous Murders
  4. Celebrity Defendants
  5. Crime Trivia Quizzes
  6. Female Offenders
  1. Female Murder Victims
  2. Child Killers
  3. Child Victims
  4. Cannibals
  5. Sadists
  6. Parents Who Killed Their Children

Unsolved Crimes and Cold Cases

JonBenet Ramsey

Unsolved criminal cases can be as mysterious as they are compelling. Our fascination turns us into puzzle-solving sleuths looking for the one stone left unturned which will solve the crime. The cases are handed down from one detective to another until it ends up stored away as a cold case waiting for that one new clue which will bring it back to life.

Serial Killers

Dennis Rader

A serial killer is generally defined as someone who murders three or more people in three or more separate events over a period of time. Often their method of killing develops into a signature, as if receiving proper credit for their kill is a priority. They move through society, blending in with what we consider normal and brushing shoulders with unsuspecting family, friends, lovers and strangers alike. The following serial killers are some of the worst in history.

Infamous Murders

Andrea Yates

What makes a murder infamous? Is it the number of victims? The brutality of the crime? Or possibly the realization that there are some who simply kill for pleasure. Highlighted below are cases that left a stain in history concocted of pure evil, lust and perversion. These are some of history's most infamous murders.

Celebrity Defendants

Michael Jackson

Celebrities in trouble always catch the attention of the public eye. From drunk driving, spousal abuse, drug possession to more serious crimes of rape and murder, these celebrities managed to end up sitting across from a judge or a jury of public opinion.

Crime Trivia Quizzes

Charles Manson

Recognize their mug shot? Do you know their criminal nicknames? Test your knowledge of the details of some of the most infamous crimes and criminals in history by taking our crime trivia quizzes.

Female Offenders

Amy Fisher

The amount of crimes committed by females is growing and although the percentage of all crimes committed by females is small, the increase has some criminologists alarmed. The hardened female criminal is still an enigma, studied and publicly displayed as if she were an alien from outer space. The women below fit into a broad range of serial killers, rapists, baby killers, embryo snatchers, attempted killers, muggers and teachers who prey upon young students.

Female Murder Victims

Lana Clarkson

Unfortunately, the world learned the names of these victims after murders made national headlines due to the tragic nature of their deaths. Some were killed by loved ones and other died at the hand of complete strangers.

Child Killers

John Evander Couey

Child killers are considered the lowest of all criminals, even among other hardened prisoners in the prison system. Due to high profiled cases, such as Jessica Lunsford in Florida and Shasta Groene in Idaho, society is passing tougher laws to punish and monitor child molesters and other criminals who target children.

Child Victims

Jessica Lunsford

It is indeed sad when our most defenseless citizens become the victims of brutal crimes. Here are some of the cases are covering and have covered at the Crime & Punishment site in which horrendous crimes were committed against our youngest victims.


Jeffrey Dahmer

Anthony Hopkins' character "Hanibal 'The Cannibal' Lector" made us uncomfortable, but in the end it was just a movie. Cannibalism refers to any species that consumes members of its own kind. When it is a human consuming another human, it seems particularly revolting and vile. These criminals are real.


Karla Homolka

Sadists are those who receive sexual gratification from inflicting pain or emotional abuse on others. The level of pain can go from mild to extreme, such as those inflicted by the BTK Killer. The sadists listed here are those who inflicted extreme pain and misery on their victims before killing them.

Parents Who Killed Their Children

Darlie Routier - The Day of Her Arrest

It is difficult to understand what motivates a parent to kill their children. Some do it out of greed, some because their children interfere with the parent's day-to-day life, others suffer from postpartum depression and psychotic hallucinations.

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