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Notorious Crimes and Criminals in History

History's most notorious crimes, including famous murder cases, serial killers, mass murderers, gangsters and outlaws.
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  3. Famous People Investigated (17)
  4. Gangsters and The Mob (75)
  5. Infamous Murders (63)
  6. Serial Killers

Celebrity Criminal Defendants of the Decade
The first decade of the 21st Century saw a series of high-profile criminal cases in which the defendant was a bone fide celebrity. Although none of them attracted the attention that the first O.J. Simpson trial did in the 1990s, each drew massive media coverage.

Some of them were found guilty, some acquitted and some saw their charges dropped. Some of their cases are still pending.

Civil Rights-Era Cold Case Initiative
The FBI is currently investigating more than 100 unsolved civil rights murders that occurred prior to 1969.

Bonnie and Clyde Photo Gallery
A photo gallery of the notorious crime couple Bonnie and Clyde.

Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde were notorious outlaws, robbers, and criminals who made headlines across the country during the Great Depression.

Pedophiles and Child Killers
Profiles and information about some of the most horrific pedophiles and child killers.

Ted Bundy Trivia Quiz
Test your knowledge on serial killer, Ted Bundy.

The Zodiac Killer
The Zodiac Killer was a serial killer whose brutal murders, cryptic letters and haunting phone calls terrorized California residents and challenged investigators for over 30 years.

The Trial of John Ford Seale
On May 2, 1964, Charles Eddie Moore and Henry Hazekiah Dee, two 19-year-old black teenagers, were hitchhiking near an ice cream stand in Meadville, Mississippi when they were abducted by members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Female Criminals Profiled
Read about women convicted of horrific crimes including murder, kidnapping, rape and fetus theft.

Criminals Profiled A - Z
An alphabetical listing of criminals, serial killers, murderers, rapists, terrorist, and kidnappers profiled on Crime and Punishment.

The 'Mississippi Burning' Case
The civil rights workers vanished one night in Mississippi, there bodies later discovered buried in a dam site. Nineteen Klu Klux Klan members were arrested in connection to the three men's murder. But many connected, went free.

The BTK Strangler Crime Quiz
For years the only information police had to the identity of the BTK serial killer were cryptic clues he sent in letters and communications to the news media. Now that a suspect has been arrested, more details are known. How much do you know about the case?

'Gimmie Shelter' Case Closed 36 Years Later
It was a scene that dropped the final curtain on the love and peace 1960s -- a Hell's Angel security guard stabbing to death a man during the Rolling Stones concert at Alatamont Speedway near Oakland, California on Dec. 6, 1969. Now 36 years later, the case has finally been closed by investigators.

Patricia "Katie" Krenwinkel
In the late 1960s, Patricia "Katie" Krenwinkel became a member of the infamous Manson family and participated in Tate-LaBianca murders in 1969.

Chandra Ann Levy
Chandra Ann Levy was an intern who worked at the Federal Bureau of Prisons in Washington, D.C. and made national headlines when she disappeared after having an affair with U.S. Representative Gary Condit.

Jeffrey MacDonald's Version
Jeffrey MacDonald has told his version of the events that took place the night that his wife and children were murdered on several occasions and his story has basically remained the same.

Jeffrey MacDonald's Legal Maze
Jeffrey MacDonald was in and out of prison as his case went through a legal maze of dismissals and convictions.

Profile of Jeffrey MacDonald
On February 17, 1970 a horrific crime took place outside of Fort Bragg in North Carolina. An army doctor's wife and two children were savagely killed and the doctor wounded. The facts of this crime deviated with each legal hearing and opinions have been drawn like a dual at sunrise.

The Sam Sheppard Murder Case
Marilyn Sheppard was brutally murdered while her husband Dr. Sam Sheppard lay asleep on the downstairs living room couch. After a media lynching and a poor investigation, Sheppard was sentenced to life in prison for the murder. He was eventually freed from prison but the scars of the injustices he had to endure were permanent.

Amy Fisher - "If I Knew Then..."
Amy Fisher, the 16-year-old "Long Island Lolita" subject of made-for-television movies and tabloid headlines for shooting her married lover's wife, has published her biography called, "If I Knew Then..."

Mary Kay Letourneau
Mary Kay Letourneau: A profile of the grade school teacher convicted of child rape, after having sex with her 12-year-old student.

Jack The Ripper
A serial killer murdered and mutilated at least five prostitutes in the East End of London in 1888 and because no one was ever arrested or tried for the murders, crime buffs are still fascinated with the case more than 115 years later.

Celebrity Mug Shots
These are the official police mug shots of famous people and celebrities -- sport stars, music icons, television personalities, models, and more. Find out what they did to get arrested and their photo taken by police.

"Baby Face" Nelson
"Baby Face" Nelson was born Lester M. Gillis on December 6, 1908, in Chicago, Illinois. He roamed the Chicago streets with a gang of juvenile hoodlums during his early teens. By the age of 14, he was an accomplished car thief and dubbed "Baby Face" by members of his gang due to his juvenile appearance.

"Machine Gun" Kelley
Kelly was born in Tennessee in 1897, and spent his early years in modest surroundings. He attended public schools before becoming a salesman and, later, a bootlegger. He married Kathryn Thorne in 1927. She encouraged Kelly to become deeply involved in a life of crime, bought him a machine gun, and gave him the nickname, "Machine Gun."

"Pretty Boy" Floyd
On the morning of June 17, 1933, a mass murder committed in front of Union Railway Station, Kansas City, Missouri, shocked the American public into a new consciousness of the serious crime problems in the Nation. The killings that took the lives of four peace officers and their prisoner are now known as The Kansas City Massacre.

Al Capone
About 1920, at Johnny Torrio's invitation, Capone joined Torrio in Chicago where he had become an influential lieutenant in the Colosimo mob.

John Dillinger
During the 1930s Depression, many Americans, nearly helpless against forces they did not understand, made heroes of outlaws who took what they wanted at gunpoint. Of all the lurid desperadoes, one man, John Herbert Dillinger, came to evoke this Gangster Era, and stirred mass emotion to a degree rarely seen in this country.

Jonestown Massacre: Questions Linger
A look at the events and remaining questions about the death of over 900 people after they were ordered by leader, Jim Jones, to drink cyanide-poisoned punch or face being shot by guards.

Murder at the Manhattan Well
One of New York City’s most famous cases is that of a young bride-to-be who was murdered and her fiancee, according to public opinion, was guilty of the crime. However, two political enemies, Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, joined forces to prove his innocence. This case is appropriately referred to by its author as, "The Original Dream Team."

Willie Sutton
Willie Sutton acquired two nicknames, "The Actor" and "Slick Willie," for his ingenuity in executing robberies in various disguises.

Profile of Patty Hearst
Patricia Hearst went from being a wealthy heiress to a gun toting member of the SLA after being kidnapped. Was it Stockholm syndrome or complicity?

Craigslist Killers
There are good and evil people in every community, even the online communities. Here are profiles of some of the evil people who used Craigslist to connect to their victims.

The Elizabeth Olten Case History
See the case history and current developments in the murder case of Elizabeth Olten.

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