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Karl Chamberlain

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Karl Chamberlain

Texas Death Row Inmate Karl Chamberlain

Mug Shot
On August 2, 1991, in Dallas, Texas Chamberlain fatally shot a 30-year old woman. Chamberlain was a resident of the same apartment complex and had gone to the woman's apartment under the pretense of borrowing sugar. He left the apartment and returned minutes later with duct tape and a rifle.

Chamberlain entered the apartment, displayed the weapon to the woman and forced her into a bedroom. He taped her hands and feet and sexually assaulted her then took her into the bathroom and shot her one time in the head with a .30 caliber rifle, causing her death.

Update: Executed June 11, 2008 at 06:30 p.m. CDT by Lethal Injection in Texas

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Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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