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Duane Buck

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Duane Buck

Texas Death Row Inmate Duane Buck

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Duane Buck was convicted of the July 1995 shooting deaths of his ex-girlfriend Debra Gardner and another person in Houston.

An early-morning quarrel between Buck and Gardner led Buck to return to Gardner's home several hours later with two rifles. He forced his way into the home and began shooting indiscriminately.

The first person Buck saw inside the home was his own sister, who he shot in the chest. He then shot and killed Gardner's friend, Kenneth Butler.

Buck chased Gardner out the back door and into the middle of the street as her young daughter begged him not to shoot her mother. Buck shot Gardner and left her bleeding in the street. Withnesses saw Buck laughing as he stood over her body and heard him say, "The bitch, she deserved it."

Buck was taken into custody at the scene. His sister survived the shooting.

Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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