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Abel Ochoa

Texas Death Row Inmate Abel Ochoa

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On August 4, 2002, in Dallas, Texas, Ochoa fatally shot his 29-year-old wife, seven-year-old daughter, nine-month-old daughter, and his father-in-law and his sister-in-law.

Below is Ochoa's written statement he provided the police about the events surrounding the shooting:

    "I live at [address] with my wife and two daughters. My wife's father also lives with us. I have had a drug problem for about two years. About two months ago I spent two months in a drug rehab house. Before I went to the drug rehab house I was using crack cocaine about once every three to four days. When I came out I was using the drug only once every seven to ten days. Today, I went to church with my wife and daughters. We left church at about 2:00 p.m., and I asked my wife if I could have ten dollars to buy a dime bag of crack. At first, she did not want to give it to me, but I talked her into it. I drove my wife and daughters to the dope house, and I went in and bought a dime bag of crack. When we got home, I went into the back yard and smoked the crack. While I was in the back yard, my wife's two sisters, Jackie and Alma came over. They all stayed in the living room and talked. After I smoked the crack I went into my bedroom, and laid down on the bed. I had the television on but I did not pay any attention to it. While I was lying on the bed my body started wanting more crack. I knew if I asked my wife for more money to buy some more crack she wouldn't let me have it. I knew she would argue with me about the money, just like we did in the past. I got up and went to my closet and I got my Ruger 9mm gun. The gun was already loaded and I walked into the living room where my family was. I started shooting while they were all sitting on the couch. I don't remember who I shot first, but I ran out of bullets. I went back into the bedroom, and got another clip and I walked back into the living room. When I came back into the living room my daughter Crystal saw me with the gun and she started running away. I chased after her and I shot her. After I shot Crystal I went back into the bedroom and got my wife's small plastic purse. I got into my car and I drove over to the Wynnewood Shopping Center. I tried to get some money from an ATM machine, but I didn't have the right code. I did not know where I was going to go, so I drove out of the shopping center onto Zang and then I drove back into the shopping center where the police stopped me."

Source: Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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