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Jermaine Lebron

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Jermaine Lebron

Jermaine Lebron

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On February 25, 1998, Jermaine “Bugsy” LeBron was convicted of armed robbery and first-degree murder. He received a life sentence for armed robbery and a death sentence for first-degree murder.

According to eyewitness testimony, Larry Neal Oliver was lured to a house in Osceola County, called the “Gardenia house,” where LeBron and several others lived. LeBron offered to sell Oliver some “spinners” (accessories that are added onto the wheels of a truck) for his truck.

Shortly after Oliver arrived at the house, LeBron called him toward the bedrooms located in the back of the house. As Oliver was entering the hallway leading to the bedrooms, LeBron forced him to lie on the ground face-down and shot him at close range at the back of the head with a sawed-off shotgun, which he called “Betsy.”

After the victim was shot, LeBron was smiling and laughing, yelling, “I did it, I did it!”, describing how it felt to kill the victim, and what the victim looked like afterward. Money, checks, and a credit card were taken from the victim, and stereo equipment was stripped from his truck.

LeBron directed the others who were present, to burn the victim’s identification papers, dispose of Oliver’s body, and clean the area where he had been shot.

Oliver’s body was discovered in a rural area near Disney World. Cause of death was determined to be from the gunshot wound to the head.

The others having knowledge of the event reported the murder to the police. The witnesses claimed they followed LeBron’s directions throughout the event because he had threatened them, which made them believe that LeBron might kill them the way he killed Oliver.

After eyewitness reports were made, LeBron, who was accompanied by Stacie Kirk and Howard Kendall (who was involved in burning Oliver’s truck), were arrested on December 5, 1995. A search of their vehicle uncovered Oliver’s belongings, including an identification card attached to a planner with the name, “Larry N. Oliver.”

During trial, eyewitnesses testified that LeBron directed the events before and after the murder of Oliver. According to LeBron’s now former girlfriend, Charbonier, she had been receiving numerous letters written by LeBron, which declared he loved her and addressed her as his fiancée. In the letters, LeBron allegedly referred to her testifying as an alibi witness for him, although she had testified as the State’s witness.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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