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Frank Walls

Frank Walls

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According to statements made by Frank Walls, in the early morning of July 22, 1987, he entered the mobile home of Edward Alger and Ann Peterson with the intention of committing a burglary.

Walls purposefully knocked over a fan while entering the house, waking both Alger and Peterson. When the two came to investigate the noise, Walls told Alger to lie on the floor and had Peterson tie his hands behind his back, bind his ankles and gag him. He then told Peterson to lie on the floor so he could restrain her in the same manner.

Alger managed to free himself from the restraints and attacked Walls. While struggling, Walls cut Alger’s throat with a knife that he had brought with him. Alger then bit Wall’s leg, causing him to drop his knife.

Walls then shot Alger in the head three times. He returned to where Peterson was restrained and found her crying, attempting to speak through the gag. Walls removed the gag from her mouth and untied her. After learning Alger was dead, a struggle ensued between Walls and Peterson, during which time he tore off her clothes. Walls then shot Peterson in the back of the head. Peterson survived the first shot and continued to scream. Walls forced her face into a pillow and fatally shot her again.

The bodies were discovered later that day when Alger failed to show up for work.

Investigators obtained a warrant to search Walls’ mobile home based on information provided by Walls’ former roommate, who lived near the victims. Investigators seized evidence from Walls’ residence linking him to the murders, which subsequently led to his arrest.

Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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