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Eric Simmons

Florida Death Row Inmate


Eric Simmons

Eric Simmons

Florida Death Row Inmate
Eric Simmons was indicted and convicted of the kidnapping, sexual battery and murder of Deborah Tressler.

On December 3, 2001, Tressler’s body was discovered in a wooded area by a patrolling officer.

Since there was no blood or disturbance to the debris around the body, it was concluded that the murder had taken place elsewhere.

The victim had blunt trauma to the head and face, a cut on the neck and a stab wound five inches deep in the lower abdomen. She had injuries to her legs and knees along with defensive wounds to her hands and arms. She also had bruising and lacerations to her anus which were determined to be caused by an object inconsistent with consensual anal intercourse.

Detectives investigated the laundromat where Tressler worked. They found her purse there with a gift list for Eric Simmons and his family members. No blood was found at the laundromat.

Simmons’ car was confiscated for investigation. Evidence of blood stains was found on the passenger’s door, car floor and cushions. The rear tires of Simmons car were a possible match to the tire tracks found at the scene.

Jose Rodriguez testified that he saw Simmons and Tressler talking together in the laundromat on the evening of December 1, 2003. Rodriguez, however, incorrectly identified a photograph as Simmons. It wasn’t until later, when a single photograph of Simmons was shown to Rodriguez, that he accurately identified Simmons.

During questioning, Simmons acknowledged spending time with Tressler on Decmber 1, 2003, but claimed that at the end of the evening he dropped her off at the laundromat.

The next morning, Simmons went to Tressler’s home to pick her up for the day, but she was not there. Detectives then told Simmons they had found blood stains inside his car. At this point, Simmons admitted to committing the murder.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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