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Eddie Sexton

Eddie Sexton

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Eddie Lee Sexton was convicted and sentenced to death for the murder of Joel Good.

Joel Good was married to Estella Sexton (Pixie), the daughter of Eddie and Estella Sexton. Sexton and his family moved to Florida from Ohio because Sexton was wanted on charges of sexual abuse in Ohio.

During this time, Pixie and Joel’s infant son, Skipper Lee Good, fell ill, but Sexton would not allow them to take their son to the doctor for fear of being found.

Sexton also threatened to hurt their son if Pixie did not make the baby stop crying. Pixie covered the baby’s face until he stopped crying.

The baby was found dead in the morning, and Sexton made Joel Good and Sexton’s son, William Sexton, bury the body in the woods.

Joel wanted to go back to Ohio with Pixie and her two daughters after the death of his son. Pixie, at this point, informed Joel that Eddie Sexton, her father, was also the father of her two daughters.

Sexton would not allow them to return to Ohio. He threatened to turn in Pixie for killing her son if they left.

Eddie Sexton had William Sexton, his son, kill Joel Good because Eddie Sexton was afraid that Joel Good would tell the police about the infant’s death, the sexual abuse, and the location of Sexton and his family.

Source: Florida Commission on Capital Cases

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