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Edward Schad

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Edward Schad

Edward Schad

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On August 1, 1978, Lorimer Graves, a 74-year-old Bisbee resident, left Bisbee in a new Cadillac on a trip to Everett, Washington, to visit his sister.

On August 9, 1978, Graves' badly decomposed body was discovered hidden in the brush just off U.S. Highway 89 south of Prescott. Mr. Graves had been strangled with a rope that was still knotted around his neck.

A month later, Schad was stopped for speeding in New York. Schad was driving Mr. Graves' Cadillac, and many of Mr. Graves' personal belongings were in the car

Edward Schad was executed on October 9, 2013, 10:12 a.m. MDT by lethal injection in Arizona. His final words were, "Well, after 34 years I’m free to fly away home. Thank you, Warden. Those are my last words."

Source: Arizona Department of Corrections

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