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Current Crime and Punishment Cases


The world of Crime and Punishment is constantly changing. New laws are passed continually and someone comes along and breaks them. Evidence turns up in long-time unsolved mysteries, decades-old crimes are prosecuted and criminals jailed for years are suddenly released when new DNA testing points to another suspect. Follow these cases from the commission of the crime, the arrest, the trial and the final judgment.
  1. Current Investigations
  2. Criminal Trials and Appeals
  3. Criminal Case Basics
  4. Most Wanted Fugitives
  5. Missing Children and Adults
  1. Sexual Crimes
  2. Convicted or Acquitted
  3. More Closed Cases
  4. Closed Cases
  5. Polls: Your Opinions

Current Investigations


Keep up with Crime and Punishment issues with daily crime news reports, analysis of criminal investigations, court and trial coverage, and profiles of victims and suspects. Help find fugitives on the run from the law and help locate adults and children, some who have been missing for years.

Criminal Trials and Appeals


Will he be convicted? Will she get away with it? Will the appeals court grant a new trial? Follow the developments of trials in progress, upcoming trials and the appeals of defendants who have already been convicted.

Criminal Case Basics


Criminal cases can end very quickly with a guilty plea and a sentence of a fine and probation, or they can drag on for years through a seemingly endless appeals process. Each case is different, but every case has common elements, stages and processes.

Most Wanted Fugitives


When a convicted criminal escapes or a dangerous suspect avoids arrests, it puts all of us at risk. The fugitives are currently being sought by law enforcement agencies in connection with specific crimes and incidents. For many of them, rewards are offered for information leading to their capture.

Missing Children and Adults

Natalee Holloway

One of the most devastating events that can happen to a family is the disappearance of a love one. As time passes and the person is not found, hope begins to wane. These are missing adults and children who disappeared years ago.

Sexual Crimes

Worried Woman

Victims of sexual assault often experience an overwhelming feeling of vulnerability, violation, and powerless. Many blame themselves, reliving the experience to see how they could have changed the outcome. Learn more about sexual crimes and what can be done to prevent them.

Convicted or Acquitted

Michael Jackson

When the jury retires from the courtroom to go into deliberations, there is no way to tell which way they will vote, guilty or not guilty. Following the infamous trial of O.J. Simpson, surprising verdicts seem to be a more frequent. The jury has already returned verdicts in these trials, some with unexpected results.

More Closed Cases

Phil Spector

Readers of the Crime & Punishment site follow cases from the first news reports of the crime, the arrest of the suspect, the pre-trial hearings, the trial itself, the jury verdict and the later appeals. These are cases that we have watched all the way through.

Closed Cases

Steven Hayes

These are more criminal cases that we were able to follow from the initial report of the crime, throught the investigation, arrest, indictment and trial of the defendants. The links below take you to the complete timeline of events.

Polls: Your Opinions

O.J. Simpson

Each week the Crime & Punishment site features a poll asking our readers their opinions of current crime stories and issues. Let us know your opinion of the following crime and punishment issues and topics.

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