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The Murder of Taylor Behl

Background and Latest Developments


Taylor Behl
Taylor Behl, a 17-year-old freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, left her dormitory room Sept. 5, 2005 to give her roommate some privacy with her boyfriend. She took a cell phone, some cash, a student ID and her car keys.

Two weeks later, her 1997 Ford Escort was found a mile and a half from the VCU campus with stolen Ohio license plates. Her body was found in a shallow grave 75 miles east of Richmond on Oct. 7.

Recent Developments

Fawley Gets 30-Years in Taylor Behl's Death
Aug. 10, 2006
A 39-year-old amateur photographer was sentenced to 30 years in prison today after entering an Alford plea in the case, which means he did not admit guilt, but accepted the fact that prosecutors had enough evidence to convict him of the crime.

Previous Updates

Fawley Won't Face Death in Taylor Behl Case
Feb. 20, 2006
The amateur photographer charged with the murder of 17-year-old Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Behl will not face the death penalty after prosecutors changed the charges to second-degree murder.

Gag Order Issued in Taylor Behl Case
Oct. 20, 2005
A judge presiding over a special grand jury investigation the death of Virginia Commonwealth University student Taylor Behl has issued a gag order preventing witnesses from talking publicly about the case.

Services Held for Taylor Behl as Investigation Continues
Oct. 16, 2005
Medical examiners are waiting on the results of additional tests to determine the cause of death of Taylor Behl, as more evidence emerged linking the only suspect in the case to her apparent murder.

Taylor Behl Suspect Faces More Charges
Oct. 10, 2005
A man held in connection with the disappearance of Taylor Behl, already facing 16 child pornography charges, has now been charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Taylor Behl's Body Found in Shallow Grave
Oct. 6, 2005
A body found in a shallow grave 75 miles east of Richmond, Virginia has been identified from dental records as 17-year-old Taylor Behl, a Virginia Commonwealth University freshman who has been missing since Sept. 5.

Police Seek License Plate in Missing Teen Case
Sept. 29, 2005
With few other clues into the September 5 disappearance of Taylor Behl, Richmond police have asked the public's help in locating a stolen auto license plate that may be connected with the case.

Police Find Car of Missing Virgina Student
Sept. 17, 2005
An off-duty police officer found the car of a missing 17-year-old Virginia Commonwealth University student just a mile and a half from the dorm where she was last seen Sept. 5.

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