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Death Row Inmate Darlie Routier - Guilty or Railroaded?

The Routiers' Life and the Tragic Murders of Their Sons


Darlie Routier - The Day of Her Arrest

Darlie Routier - The Day of Her Arrest

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Darlie Routier is on death row in Texas, convicted of the murder of one of her two sons, who were killed in the early morning of June 6, 1996. The media coverage of the investigation into the murders of Devon and Damon Routier depicted the crime as another heartless mother whose children were getting in the way of her lifestyle, so she killed them.

That is also how the news media, books such as Precious Angels by Barbara Davis, and the prosecutors at her trial portrayed Darlie Routier. Most found it believable in the aftermath of the Susan Smith case two years earlier.

Since her conviction, Darlie and her family have learned a lot more about the legal system. They have presented a far different picture than was originally shown by the press. Even Barbara Davis changed her mind about the case and added a chapter to her book disputing the prosecutor's case.

Read both sides and decide for yourself if this young woman is the she-devil portrayed by the prosecutors and press, or a woman naive of the inner workings of the legal system.

Darlie and Darin Routier

Darlie and Darin Routier were high-school sweethearts who married in August 1988, after Darlie completed high-school. By 1989, they had their first boy, Devon Rush, and in 1991, Damon Christian, their second son was born

As their family grew, so did Darin's computer-related business and the family moved to an affluent area known as Dalrock Heights Addition in Rowlett, Texas. Life was going well for the Routiers and they celebrated their successes by surrounding themselves with expensive items such as a new Jaguar, a cabin cruiser, lush furnishings, jewelry and clothing.

After a few years of living an affluent lifestyle, Darin's business began to falter and with it came financial problems for the couple. Rumors began that the couple's relationship was in trouble and there was talk of extramarital affairs. Darlie, obsessed with her appearance, reportedly had little patience for the children. Despite the rumors, on October 18, 1995 the couple had their third son Drake, after which Darlie experienced postpartum depression.

Desperate to lose the weight she had gained during pregnancy she began taking diet pills which failed to help and contributed to her mood swings. She confided to Darin about having suicidal thoughts and the two began talking and reviewing their future. Things were looking fixable for the young couple. But with the future came tragedy, one that no one could ever predict or ever fix.

The Murder of Devon and Damon

Around 2:30 in the morning on June 6, 1996, the Rowlett Police received an emergency call from the Routier home. Darlie was screaming that she and her two boys had been stabbed by an intruder and her boys were dying. Darin Routier, awakened by the Darlie's screams, ran down the stairs into the family room, where just hours before he had left his wife and two sons lying by the television. Now as he entered, all he saw was the blood-soaked bodies of his two sons and his wife.

Darin tried to save Devon, who was not breathing. As reported by Barbara Davis, "Torn between two sons, the horrified father momentarily panicked, then made the decision to begin cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the son who was not breathing. Darin placed his hand over Devon's nose and breathed into his child's mouth. Blood sprayed back onto the father's face." Damon, with deep gashes in his chest, struggled for air.

The house filled with paramedics and police. The paramedics began trying to save the children as the police searched the home for the intruder who Darlie said had run in the direction of the attached garage. Policeman David Waddell and Sergeant Matthew Walling noted a bloody knife on the kitchen counter, Darlie's purse and expensive jewelry lying near it, a slash in the screen of a window in the garage, and splattered blood on the floor.

The medics were unable to save either child. The knife thrusts left deep gashes in the boys' chests and punctured their lungs. Gasping for air, they both suffered horrible deaths. Darlie's wounds -- more superficial and not life threatening -- were temporarily patched up while Darlie told the police of the horrific events that unfolded just an hour earlier.

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