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The Final Statement of Steven Thacker

Executed March 12, 2013 06:10 p.m. CDT by Lethal Injection in Oklahoma


Fifth execution in U.S. and first in Oklahoma in 2013.
Steven Ray Thacker

Steven Ray Thacker

Mug Shot
Final Words:
“I’d like to apologize sincerely to the families of Laci Hill, Forrest Boyd and Ray Patterson. I don’t deserve it, but as God has forgiven me, I hope you will forgive me for the pain I’ve caused. I would like to thank my family and friends for their love and support. When my body is gone, my spirit will be with them. Jesus Christ died for my sins. God has forgiven me, and eternity in Heaven is mine.” ~ Steven Thacker, March 12, 2013

Crime Summary

On December 23, 1999, Thacker went to the home of Laci Dawn Hill, 25, who had placed a classified ad to sell her pool table. Thacker kidnapped Hill and took her to an abandoned cabin in the woods. There he raped and then killed her by stabbing her in the chest and neck.

Thacker then fled to Missouri where he killed Forrest Reed Boyd and stole his car and credit cards. Next he drove to Tennessee, but the car he had stolen broke down and he called a tow-truck. He attempted to pay for the tow with a stolen credit card, but the tow-truck driver Ray Patterson confronted him about the stolen card. Thacker in turn knifed Patterson to death.

Thacker was later arrested at a hotel in Tennessee. He told authorities that his crimes were motivated by his desire to get Christmas presents for his wife and her two children.

On December 2, 2002, Thacker plead guilty to crimes of first-degree murder, kidnapping, and first-degree rape of Laci Dawn Hill. He was eventually convicted of all three murders, and was incarcerated at the Tennessee prison until he was transferred to Oklahoma to be executed.

He was executed on March 12, 2013 by lethal injection.

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