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Martha Stewart will begin serving her five-month prison sentence for lying about a stock sale at Alderson Federal Prison Camp in West Virginia, a minimum-security dubbed by locals as "Camp Cupcake."

Stewart had requested to do her time at Danbury, Connecticut to be closer to her 90-year-old mother, but the Federal Bureau of Prisons assigned her to the Alderson facility.

"While I had hoped to be designated to a facility closer to my family and more accessible to my appellate attorneys, I am pleased that the Bureau of Prisons has designated me to quickly" Stewart said in a statement. "I look forward to getting this behind me and to vigorously pursuing my appeal."

The Alderson facility was built in 1927 and houses 1,012 women inmates. It is a minimum-security facility and has no metal fences and appears more like a college campus. Inmates must work at assigned duties, but can use their free time playing voleyball, softball, tennis or doing aerobics.

Famous inmates who have served time at Alderson include Billie Holiday, Lynette (Speaky) Fromme, and Sara Jane Moore.

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