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Readers Respond: What Do You Think Happened to Caylee Anthony?

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Poor Caylee

I think all the family is sick! Bring out a lie detector test! This case is over a poor innocent little girl who had no right to be treated the way she was! I think evidence shows Casey was giving her daughter medicine which already is abuse. You are not supposed to give a child at that age anything! Then wanting free time she tried to dump her daughter at her parents place figuring her parents would be home. She then found her drowned because Caylee woke. Realizing - parents helped Casey tape Caylee up and moved her in different places with the car. I think they are all guilty! They were supposed to be her family, the people who protect and look after her!
—Guest Beaner


The media assignation of Casey is nauseating. I even heard a so-called expert say 'dead woman walking”. It would be very refreshing for the talking heads to play grown up and admit they were incorrect providing their "professional" opinion. Unfortunately one day the media will dictate a trial in which a person’s life is on the line. Maybe she did it, maybe she didn't. This is why you are judged by a group of your peers. Congrats to the judicial system and I completely enjoyed the talking heads looking like total idiots. I find it appalling these panels of "experts" are still spilling their opinions. If I'm not mistaken the jury found Casey innocent of murder, manslaughter, & child abuse period, case closed.
—Guest jofro

My Theory on Casey Anthony

I think Casey used chloroform as a babysitter so she could run around like a shallow, vain, self centered bar hag who didn't know how to keep her legs closed (sorry but it is the truth)....Her daughter was a burden that she resented...I do not think her parents are perfect but I do believe they LOVED their granddaughter ...Casey was so hungry for freedom that herself serving lifestyle landed her in jail..That's the irony of it all....Sitting behind bars without music, hot body contest, alcohol, drugs or MEN (they were very important to her self esteem)...Party Girl no more!!!!!!
—Guest molly123

Answers are in "my space"

Ironically I think the answer is in the first deleted responses from mother & grandmother (Casey & Cindy) My Space “She came into my life unexpectedly, just as she has left me. This precious little angel from above gave me strength and unconditional love. Now she is gone and I don’t know why. All I am guilty of is loving her and providing her a safe home. Jealousy has taken her away. Jealousy from the one person that should be thankful for all of the love and support given to her. A mother’s love is deep, however there are limits when one is betrayed by the one she loved and trusted the most. A daughter comes to her mother for support when she is pregnant; the mother says without hesitation it will be ok. And it was. But then the lies and betrayal began. First it seemed harmless, ah, love is blind. A mother will look for the good in her child and give them a chance to change. This mother gave chance after chance for her daughter to change, but instead more lies more betrayal.

I Dreamed This...

I dream dreams sometimes not knowing who or why I’m dreaming. Back in 2008 I dreamed a little girl taking me in these woods I was scared because I didn’t know who she was. She kept yelling at me and pulling me, but her mouth wasn’t moving she kept saying I’m Caylee I’m Caylee! I wasn’t sure what she wanted and who she was and I didn’t know of this case at the time. I had just lost a family member of my own and was preoccupied with that. I did however tell my husband and kids of this dream the next day. As I do with all my dreams. They remember that dream till this day. I dreamed again later this is what I think happened Casey wanted Caylee asleep so she used chloroform given to her by her ex. She over dosed the child she used duck tape to keep her quiet when she awoke not knowing Caylee wouldn’t awake. She panics later keeps Caylee in the trunk while she figures out what to do with her. She keeps lying about whereabouts to buy time.
—Guest Psycic medium

No Matter How You Twist This...

No matter how you spin it...Caylee died under her own mothers Casey hands. It was negligence and too horrific for her to ever admit to not be incriminated for doing. The tragedy of this beautiful child dying will never be understood. To make matters worse her body should have been found way sooner since it was right under their noses in order to get the answers that we may never completely solved or understood. There is most definitely something seriously wrong with Casey and has more than ISSUES! I still get a feeling of there being more to the story as well. She needs to be put away for life to never be able to do harm to anyone else again. We all need to pray that her soul be renewed & restored because her worst enemy is the evil in herself. She is text book for instant self-gratification; in here nimble mind it's all about her always has been and always will be if she does not have a spiritual awakening of some kind. This is also a lesson about parent enabling and denial.

So sad

Casey used that child as a pawn with her parents. Their relationship was very strained. Why was Cindy wanting custody of Caylee? Casey had severe issues with any attention being focused on Caylee and not her. Jealousy. She probably did kill the child to hurt her parents. She wanted to go home and have things the way they were before. She slept around trying to fill and endless void of feeling less than. Her parents obviously enabled her and probably should of showed some tough love early on. I don't blame them for being so twisted emotionally by Casey. They have had to endure all of this for many years and it will take many more to realize how to live without someone controlling their lives. With Casey it was all about control. Knowing that she no longer has control over anything is probably eating her alive. Even the neighbors knew there was issues they heard her often screaming at her parents. I don't think we have seen the real Casey yet. I don't think we want to.

Caught up in a dysfunctional family

Cindy Anthony pushed her daughter too hard. Casey would knock her daughter so that she could have a few hours of freedom. And one night, she "drugged" her too much and could not face her mother. Casey had "no exit plan" so there is no way that murder was pre-meditated. My heart bleeds for that little baby and the media has NO BUSINESS blowing up this trial as it has caused nothing but more room for mistrial and reversible error. How can this case ever be tried again? And in order for justice to be served- there needs to be a new trial! I am a lawyer and what went on in that courtroom, would have easily been a mistrial in any other case! In the end, the poor baby is dead. The poor little baby is dead and the media should have STAYED OUT of the courtroom!!
—Guest Rest in peace, Caylee

Casey's Victims

I believe Casey drugged Caylee and put her in the trunk so she could party but when she opened the trunk she was dead. So she put her in the playhouse until she could figure out what to do.That’s why the dogs alerted in the back yard. Remember the car seat smelled too so she drove around with her until she dumped her in the woods. Also she told her friends she had garbage in her trunk so they wouldn’t ask about the smell. Besides her friends were partying a lot so maybe they were taking drugs. As far as her family is concerned I think they have been through hell.i think Casey begged her mom to lie for her about the searches and having lost her granddaughter. She was afraid to lose her daughter. Also think George and Lee are innocent & more of Casey’s victims. I hope she gets the death penalty for all 4 of her victims Caylee, Cindy, Lee and George.
—Guest barb


I think Casey has schizophrenia. I was watching the court case today, and she laughed when she should've been crying, and cried when she got accused of what she did. I think the schizophrenia made some "character" appear in her mind and tell her life would be more fun like it was before Caylee came along, so Casey killed her, and did what the "character" said to do with the body. I think this case is just sickening. I am very blessed to have my daughter, and this case makes my heart break.
—Guest Fushigidane


She was drowned in the pool and George and Cindy covered it up.

An accident

She drugged her as an overdose. Accidently gave her too much. The duct tape was on the bag not on her mouth. Roy Krunk shook the bag and the contents fell all around. Her whole family helped her cover it up and Cindy was the last to know. She should get child abuse, but should be put in a mental institution not prison. She needs help.
—Guest butterfly

Callous accident

Caylee was killed accidentally by chloroform. Casey panicked and drove around with her, then dumped her. Callous bitch should get life in prison, not death penalty. In her warped way she loved Caylee, but she did not love her enough
—Guest Joy

Monster Mom

I agree with Donna - I think "zanny the nanny" was actually Xanax that she used to sedate Caylee, and she accidently overdosed her. In a panic, she tried to make her death look like the result of a kidnapping (her story of the Nanny taking her), by using chloroform and duct tape, then dumping her body where it SHOULD have been easily found. (15 houses away from her parent's house???). I'm sure the grandparents are feeling a terrible guilt and somewhat responsible for their granddaughter's death. They probably tried to force Casey to accept her parental responsibilities by refusing to make themselves constantly available as babysitters, and, had they not taken this position, their granddaughter would still be alive. I do not think this was a pre-meditated act of murder - This is not only the worst case of bad-parenting, but Casey's very irresponsible, irrational solution to her babysitting "problem" gone bad, thus George Anthony's reference to the situation "snowballing".

Casey is a sociopath

I believe that Casey wanted to be free and live as her friends did. I think she got to a point that she wanted to get rid of what she thought was a "burden". I think she is a sociopath because she is a pathological liar and is only concerned about her and her alone. I think she was giving Casey Xanax and when she ran out of that and couldn't get a prescription for more (or from wherever she got it), she decided to look up "how to make chloroform" so she could use it to put her to sleep at night when she was with her friends and boyfriend. I think that she did in so often that she really didn't care if it overdosed her and/or killed her because she was happy with her new freer life. She deserves what she gets. What kind of mother would not call 911 if there was an accident? Someone should put duct tape on her mouth and nose and throw her in the woods!
—Guest karen guest
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