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Readers Respond: What Do You Think Happened to Caylee Anthony?

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She was aquitted - done deal.

If Caylee drowned and the grandmother couldn’t help her daddy (hubby) the cop had to protect his wife, they set Casey up and it’s sad that these things happen. Say a prayer for Caylee stop pointing fingers and move on with your life. Look at your own past and if you are perfect in every way you’re in denial. CASEY ANTHONY WAS AQUITTED move on, let it be. Her Father set her up and he will get away with it, that’s what cops LIE, It’s very sad that a little girl is gone and all we can do is pray for her. Why? There are so many crooked cops that it would be so easy to set her up because she Casey liked to party. After a loved one dies in your family what do most people do PARTY, I for one never understood that. You should be grieving nope society parties, unreal. Casey Anthony can only be judged by one GOD. And as far as I see SHE WAS AQUITTED, done deal. None of you or I was there you don’t know and you have too much time on your hands , get a job and move on, BLA BLA BLA, get on with your life
—Guest n/a

Casey Anthony

I think Casey killed her daughter. I also think that for a lawyer Mr. Bias was to involved with Casey. No lawyer hugs his client everytime he sees her in jail. Casey was protected in jail she didn't care about her daughter. I think Caylee was being to talk and could inform her grandparents what really was going on. Caylee was thing for Casey at first but now she was a problem she could not get rid of, except for death. Casey killed her daughter, no one can change my mind. I hope Casey never has a life, she does not deserve one. Bias helping her when she got out to a safe place. HE SHOULD BE DISBARRED. Anyone else would be.
—Guest Joyce


She looked up ways to kill, then all of sudden the girl is dead? Explain that.
—Guest nick from nj

She burned a drug dealer

Fusion Night Club was a hot spot for drug deals in and out. Casey got herself in over her head and Caylee was taken in return for Casey ripping off a drug dealer. Tony Lazzaro is involved as well as Ricardo Morales, Jesse Grund and Amy Huizenga. Ricardo and Amy were new to Orlando. Tony was from New York. The other possibility is that Richard Grund sent Casey to Good Shepherd who helped her arrange to have Caylee adopted and sent to another country to protect Caylee from drug dealers who were hot on her trail and who she knew would kill Caylee in return. Roy Kronk took the skelton remains of some child to the woods and planted them there to draw attention away a live Caylee to a dead Caylee. To help close the case so things would die down. George and Cindy know where Caylee is.
—Guest Crol

What Happened to Caylee Anthony?

I think she placed the sleeping child in the trunk. It was clear that she didn't have childcare for her and that would explain the Nannie that never was. While people thought the child to be cared after, she was in the trunk of that car sleeping while Casey was partying and taken pics. She left her in the trunk where she placed that child and when she did go to check on her she found Caylee dead. That would explain the smell in the car also. Damn Shame!
—Guest Justmeei

My scenerio..

First, Cindy Anthony, in all of her denial & stupidity, is not responsible whatsoever for her Granddaughter's demise. Remember, she's the one who ultimately called police & reported Caylee missing immediately after she heard Casey tell Lee she had been kidnapped by the non~exsistant Zanny the Nanny. Those who blame that woman for Caylee's death are being beyond ridiculous. Dog her for lying after the fact all day long, just don't confuse it for her being to blame for her sick twisted daughter. I can't even imagine being in her shoes & I would never pretend to know what something like this would do to my psyche. How awful. George Anthony also had nothing but pure love for his kids & Caylee that was un~conditional & genuine. He did not deserve to go thru the hell of his daughter killing his granddaughter or the disgusting lies & accusations f/m the defense & the millions of people judging him f/m a distance. We're ALL pissed! But the blame should be placed where it belongs & that is NOT

nothing adds up

I think that not hearing from your grandchild in about 3 days you need to get off your butt and go check out what is going on. Cindy should of taken that baby away and they all are stupid for not protecting that baby. They all need to be in prison and maybe even worse they need to hurt like that baby might of. The fact that they are not so mad at Casey for her not taking care of that baby worriers me and that is why they all need to be in prison. I mean where is the protection that this baby should of had.
—Guest shallowhal321

This is what I believe

I believe she wanted Casey to "accidently" fall into the pool, that is what the ladder was doing in the pool when Cindy clearly remembered taking it out the night before, she left Caylee outside by herself hoping she would climb into the pool because Cindy stated how much Caylee liked to swim, hoping Caylee would slip in and drown, oh my, what a horrible accident. But when that didn't happen, Casey became impatient because she wanted to get her sex on with Tony and did it the fast way, with Chloroform. Whether or not Cindy and George were involved, I'm not sure, I love my children, but if one of them killed their children, I would be the first one on the phone to the police. God Bless Caylee.

How Caylee Died - 3

A thousand thoughts ran through NOT MOM's head. She came to reason that she would have to put Caylee somewhere until she figured out what to do. She knew that carrying her back out to the car might allow for hr to be seen. Looking around, her eyes fell on a laundry bag. That would do for now. With Caylee secured in the laundry bag, NOT MOM walked out to her car and opened the trunk. She tossed the laundry bag into the trunk as if it were clothing just in case someone was watching. NOT MOM then got into her car and drove over to her boyfriends house. They snuggled, they ate, then they went out and rented movies. Caylee lay decaying in the trunk of the car for several days.

How Caylee Died - 2

NOT MOM got back in the car and drove to her Mothers house. Caylee was quiet. It wasn't until she pulled into the driveway and got out that she noticed Caylee laying over to the side, blue in the face. She had been unable to free herself from the duct tape. Caylee was dead. NOT MOM tried repeatedly to call her Mother. There was no answer. Realizing that she could go to jail for the rest of her life, NOT MOM removed Caylee from the car and took her inside. She carefully wrapped Caylee in her blanket.

How Caylee Died

It was almost dinner time. Caylee was cranky, she was hungry, and NOT MOM was annoyed. As they drove out of the Walmart parking lot NOT MOM screamed at Caylee to be quiet. She was trying to drive and text at the same time. A short way down the road Caylee began bumping the back of the car seat with her foot. NOT MOM became more and more enraged with every thump. NOT MOM pulled over, got out of the car, opened Caylee's door and took her from the car seat. She spanked her across her leg, causing the tired and hungry Caylee to scream and strike back. NOT MOM lost control and struck the child hard across the face. She grabbed Caylee up, threw her back into the car seat...and noticed a roll of duct tape in the floorboard under Caylees feet. She quickly ripped off three pieces and taped up Caylees mouth, covering her nose.


My theory is that there was an argument on the night of the 15th between Casey and CIndy, as the neighbors stated, over the money that Casey stole from her gparents. Casey took Caylee, determined that Cindy would never see her again. She cholorformed Caylee because she was going to spend the night at Tony's. Hoping Caylee would sleep in the trunk through the night, but realized in the am that she went too far. I think George either confused the dates (or lied) about the last time he saw Casey and Caylee. Casey then left the body in the trunk trying to figure out how to dispose of the body. Tried digging in the backyard but settled on the swamp instead. She packed her in trash bags and used the tape to keep the body fluids from leaking out, had her in the car trunk prior to dumping her on the side of the road. Either way, accident or intentional, Casey should be held responsible. What a shame she was given a free ride... hopefully she will never live the beautiful life.

The Real Truth.

This is it people. Casey had been knocking Caylee out for quite awhile with either Xanaz, Benadryl or Chloroform in order to go out. She would then say the child was in the care of a Nanny (Zanny). Since2006.... terrible thought. She was lying about the child,work, etc and she was stealing money during this time from her Grandparents, Amy, and her parents. Casey's mother was coming to the end of her rope with all of it. We can not underestimate the importance of Casey's love for new boyfriend Tony Lazzaro, the club promoter who lived a very carefree life and was not interested in children (text transcripts attest to this). Casey got so tired of trying keep her game in check and juggle Caylee, Tony, her lies, partying w/increasing pressure from Mom. She loved Caylee but started focusing on the fact that she should have aborted Caylee. This is her motive. She drugged Caylee, duct taped her and then paniced a bit about where to put her before finally dumping her in the woods.
—Guest Insider

The party girl

I also believe she was giving Cylee the Xanex probably leaving her in the car asleep , while she was partying - but this time the heat got to Cylee , and Casey paniced .. took her to her parent and put her in the laundry bag -then placed her in the trunk of her car -- how am I going to explain this .. rather be partying then careing for this kid .... the Cylees jaw dropped so got out the duct tape to hold her jaw in place .. the smell is getting bad need to find a place to hide the body - so takes her up the road aways .. theres a party and she wants her friends to go -- the car can't smell like a dead body ... so before she goes out she heads to the woods ... and still has'nt reported her missing or injured ... and her mother is asking question???? WHERE IS CYLEE?
—Guest misty

Who To Blame

Yea, the jury pleaded her Not Guilty, But In my Opinion, i think Thats just not right. People such as the jury needs to realise that a Little Girl has been Murdered!! She hasn't even lived. Thats just sad, i don't know her, and i've just heard of her yesterday! & makes me think 'what has this world become?!" Who ever murdered Caylee, must a cold hearted, evil person. To some people, the mother killed her, To other people Some stranger killed her, well who ever murdured her must be ashame of themselves, must have regrets. & just think of 'what if' Or "if she was alive. . ." Rip in Peace Caylee :)
—Guest Gloria

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