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Readers Respond: What Do You Think Happened to Caylee Anthony?

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she did it duh !

i thank ha mama kiled ha kuz she aint kall da popo when ha baby waz missin..which waz a lie she knew caylee body was hiddin. nd 2 the jury aint find her guilty because money makes da world go round but one day we will soon find out the truth,casey anthony is going to slip up! eather she gone run her mouth about what she did or do something similar or jst simply do the same thing again. then comes karma!
—Guest amy


The ground was to hard to dig and it was work that she can't do so she returned the shovel, drove down the street, dumped the body where she and others buried animals and saw two homes on the corner - one mail box had Zenaida on it the other had the name Gonzales on it.
—Guest stan


ok this is how it was done casey /caylee 1250 in car 100 til 114 casey on phone with tony 115 til 300casey and tony kills caylee no ok 300 casey calls dads cell 308 calls tony 335 calls tony now caylee is swimmg and drowns or casey puts duck tape over her now from 410 425 a lot of calls like something is wrong 425 til 557 plannig what to do dont went to break planes its all about me why care for a little kid that died did not care she was missing 557 casey calls tony ill be home soon 621 calls mom cell 632 and 700 calls the house to lie about somethig 758 casey and tony at blockbuster that was june 16 now june 18 caylee is in trunk murder at this time even if she drowned casye calls mom dad and home at1233.1234.1235.1236.109.111 to see if any one is home backs car in never did that befor but mom and dads car was in grage so she always park in driveway 130 borrows shovel from next door to dig up root they hurt her and caylees feet puts body on ground between the shield and playhouse
—Guest stan

put it all together

look @ timeline,phone records,my space postings,diary page,criminal history with family and friends,computer search,lying,31 partydays,THE CAR SMELL,cadaver dogs,jail house visit tapes (which demonstrate the REAL family dynamics),the anquished and continued efforts of the Anthony's to FIND Caylee are CONSISTENT with loving grandparents desperate for an answer other than the terrifying evidence that is piling up before them. Finally, look at where and how Caylee was left and the evidence at the scene. As far as motive - 1 Caylee interferes with partylife (Caseys diary explaians this cryptically 2 Casey is jealous of Caylee 3 Spite Cindy after fight and ongoing feuding (see my space early July posting)(also, she's" a spiteful bitch") 4 Casey wanted to go to Puerto Rico with Amy 5 Caylee is starting to talk 6 All of the above You can take any element of this case and explain it in a dozen different ways but to me,everything together is consistent with one thing-STONE COLD KILLER!!!
—Guest june B

How caylee Anthony died

Caylee Anthony died when her mother Casey Anthony killed her by feeding her Cholaform then duck taping her mouth and nose.
—Guest Arianna

The Truth

I believe that as there are some people who are incapable of lying, Casey is incapable of telling the truth. I think she put the ladder up and was planning on having Caylee go swimming, then got side-tracked, either by MySpace or something similiar. She discovered her in the pool and didn't know what to do. She immediately called her father, then her mother repeatedly. Not being able to get a hold of anyone and probably realizing Caylee is dead she went into full-blown panic mode. I think the duct tape was to keep fluids from leaking. Once she got over the initial feeling of getting help, then realizing it was hopeless, her focus then turned immediately into a cover-up and there was no looking back. Casey is built to lie, that's what she knows and that's how she deals with most issues in her life. What I don't know is how she came to be this way or how she could go on after this happened. I think she had to completely block it out to live from day to day.

What I think happened:)

I think that Casey and Caylee both left the house that day, as George stated and went to her boyfriend's appt. That night they were going out to party and she was going to chloroform Caylee, as I believe she did every night that she went to party so Caylee would sleep. Then Little Caylee never woke up... I don't believe she did it on purpose, but that she did do it. Rest in Peace, baby girl
—Guest Scotlyn


I do not believe Casey killed that child. I believe the family did indeed cover up an accidental death. I believe the Jury was correct and upheld the law. The prosecutors did not prove cause of death, they did not prove a valid motive, they did not have substantial evidence for a conviction. I believe Casey's father is more involved than the public knows about. I am appalled at how the media was allowed to exploit this family. This should be against the law. If anyone will not leave Casey alone, that is also against the law. It is called harassment. Nancy Grace is horrible and needs therapy. What a "drama queen".

this is what really happened

She knocked her out with the substance, then she gagged her and put the unknown found piece material in her mouth taped it shut, put her in her trunk, then Caylee awakens and struggles to remove the tape and material. She finally succumbs to exhaustion and lack of air in the bag, rots in her trunk as she’s partying. When it starts to smell she sticks her in the ground. Case closed.
—Guest bx

What I think Happen to Caylee

My theory is she drowned. I do think it was negligence, as leaving her unsupervised in the pool with a life preserver, or enough to convince her there would be jail. She places her in the laundry/G bags, then in the trunk on 16th. Drives around 17th looking for a place to leave body winds up at Anthony house on 18th where she was seen backing up in garage, removes the bag, places it on the ground in back yard where C dog hit, goes to borrow shovel. Bags were leaking at this point. Considers bad idea or too much work returns body back in truck, returns shovel. Driver around few more days until day where either cell phones records shown cell was turned off last week of June or day before leaving the car, one of those days she dumps body in area she is familar with and close to home. ( sentimental I think) Bags been leaking car had the ordor, she thought of how to mask or explain smell if car was found by adding the G bag and included paper towels of the attempt to wipe up body fluids.
—Guest jo

My theory

First of all, I feel no mother should be able to tell a daughter (18? or thereabout), whether she will or will NOT be a mother. Casey clearly was not ready for motherhood, and expressed that to CIndy. Cindy, on the other hand, was a middle-aged mom who strongly desired "a do-over", and found her daughter's child her perfect "babydoll". Once Caylee was born, Casey was caught in a terrible position, literally not understanding what to do and how to"Be". Reading and re-reading about various mental disorders, I feel Casey was clearly a psycopath. However we fee about what she did ( I personally feel she accidentally od'd Caylee to go party, carried the corpse around in the car until it HAD to be disposed of, and then tried unsuccessfully to bury her), we should at least all be on the same page about her condition. Why do people feel sorry for someone with, say, a physical birth defect, yet feel nothing but hate for someone with a condition of the mind for which there is no cure?
—Guest Marcia


Just don't make SENSE on EITHER side... I'm not so convinced she killed her child on purpose if she did at all. More likely to be bad parenting choices/neglect or something along those lines, if NOT an innocent accident. I haven't heard any mention of the fact that the clothes they found w/her body not matching the clothes George said he last saw her in. I also haven't heard too many mention the fact that no diaper was found w/her remains. Why did she have no shoes on? There was never a heart sticker on the tape BTW.. That was found on a piece of cardboard. Why did someone leave a closed, mostly empty bottle containing a so-called chloroform filled needle-syringe at the remains site? Casey wouldn't have been so stupid. I don't think too many people would be that dumb. There didn't seem to be anything found that may have been used to bind Caylee's hands behind her back to keep her from removing the duct tape that was supposed to have been what killed her too. No sense in THAT..
—Guest CA?


I think Casey parties and did not want mom to babysit, over sedated Caylee and she died, and (this wasn't the first time.) When car was found with Caylee's stuffed animal and Casey's purse she wanted all to think she and Caylee were abducted, not expecting her friend to bring Cindy straight to her. ( Was her boyfriend involved in getting rid of Caylee?) Remember when George ask Casey to see him alone at the jail, (did she meet with him? I believe George had that last meeting with Casey and the family agreed that Casey would make the outrageous accusations against George and Lee so it would put doubt in the jury's minds, and I think it worked. I also believe Baez looked the other way. They were all in cahoots. I think they thought she would get a lesser charged and was surprised and flabbergasted she got off. Now, Cindy and George left town to go visit, WHO? They are now again one happy family, with one exception, NO CAYLEE!! How did Casey misplace Caylee Anthony????


Casey is the murderer of her child. Casey is not the type to even consider being quiet to cover her Dad's involvement or anyone else. Her accusations about sexual abuse by George and Lee are proof she was reaching to take the attention off of herself. She would never allow any guilty party to go free while she was behind bars. Those parents and brother cared more about the child than the mother ever could. They could not have taken that baby's life. Casey is the murderer. Murderer. Remember Casey is the one who wanted to keep things on a positive note when she was released the first time. Making no mention of the little one. George and Cindy had to stay quiet so as not to upset Casey since that was their only chance to hope to get info. Who goes out partying when their baby is dead. She was dead during those wild nights you know. Casey knew. She is the only one who knows about Caylee...and God Almighty. Justice will be served. It will.
—Guest Sheryl Ayers


I thought it interesting that Zanny (slang for Xanax) the Nanny 'took her' because Casey says...she was a bad Mom. Ya think she was saying something here and we missed the obvious right in front of our noses?
—Guest Sheryl Ayers

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