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Readers Respond: What Do You Think Happened to Caylee Anthony?

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Craziness first reality second Part1

Mr. Dangit appears to have this whole thing figured out. I will say the whole professional hits on 2 little kids is pretty well thought out. I mean they were not even 12, had no connections to eachother and only one of them was ever "famous" before the incident [Ms. Bennett was doing pageants]. Aside from the crazy angle, you have to ask yourself at the end of the day who would be I dunno responsible for a child. I mean if a person of even low intelligence cared about their child and that child stopped breathing you would think they would call for help to fix the problem. Not to mention the OBVIOUS lies about the whole I dropped her off with the sitter stpry being shown to all be false. I mean you have been dropping your child off with this supposed babysitter a child you care about yet why should you remember where they live? Not to mention this following quote from grandmom talking to 911 only a few hours after being told about her grandchild supposedly missing
—Guest Whoa.reality-check


I think mom killed her and put duck tape on to cover up flora form to keep it on mouth without leaving out
—Guest iBook

The real truth

Casey A. Is a lieing murderer!!!! I think her father killed tht baby and they all covered for each other. What happend to a mother protecting their child from danger?
—Guest Latina101

y cant casey die

I think that she killed her daughter i wish she would die the same way her daughter did. A 26 yr old should be grown up enough to know to call 911 if ur child is not breathing but she didn't, I think she called her parents to have an aliby. Karma is a b****.
—Guest melly


I just read one grandmother's theory of Casey having killed Caylee, which rings out in 99.9 of the public. BUT NO! GRANNDMA! It was not the grandparents who took all the pictures of Caylee: It was Casey.
—Guest Dangit


There are too many unanswered questions about this case. Before the state brought it to trial LE could have helped by simply doing their job. By some indications they knew where the body was and failed to retrive it. These things don't happen by accident. People don't take much stock in Casey Anthony's assertion that someone was "trying to teach her a lesson" but I do. I can only imagine the enemies she made stealing and what parents want their sons with a promiscuous woman. The state maintains that Anthony wasn't mentally ill so what do they know that they don't want us to know?! Why won't the Feds open the file to the public as can be done by law? Doesn't it make a huge difference that some investigators were fired for failing to do their jobs? Instead of asking for better from the powers that be for this precious child, Caylee Marie Anthony, a haphazard job was done based on a one-track idea. And it failed. Revisit the realm of characters.
—Guest Dangit


What do these 2 cases have in common? The JonBenet Ramsey Case and the Caylee Anthony Case? They were found with "hearts" on them. Both mothers were strong suspects. Both claimed to have recieved information that their daughters would be returned to them if they didn't contact police. And the public in both cases became convinced that they were bad mothers and the investigators dropped the ball by only concentrating on the mothers. Although several things point to both being professional HITS, the police and public "just don't want to go there." They were apparently EVEN afraid to find the corpses of these little girls. PEOPLE ARE AFRAID TO ADMIT THESE WERE MOST LIKELY HITS. Thus the mothers get blamed when the rest of us are cowards. Why don't the feds open the files to the public then?!
—Guest Dangit


That's a good idea. Casey left Caylee with Cindy and Cindy thought Casey had Caylee. Lee said he saw Casey take Caylee to cover his mother. Cindy said she HEARD them in the morning because she didn't want to think it was her fault Caylee went missing. George wasn't paying attention because he was depressed. The t.v. could have fallen on Caylee or she could have drowned or walked around unsupervised outside until a stranger found her. It was everybody's fault for fighting in front of a little girl.
—Guest Dratit


The big family fued on the 15th. Lee thinks Casey left with Caylee. Casey thinks she left Caylee with Cindy. Cindy thinks Casey took Caylee. Casey left her cell phone. George becomes suicidal and no one is even thinking of hurting Caylee. But then they all realize that in the fighting they have lost her. They blame each other. She wanders around outside and is seen by the meter reader.

Look at George

The prosecution could NOT have used the computer search "foolproof suffication" because their star witness, George said Casey left with Caylee that morning. Remember how he vividly described what Caylee was wearing? The computer searches were made at 1 pm! If someone put duct tape around Caylee's head it was on her hair and that means they weren't planning on taking it off. If it got on her head when it fell out of the bag then there is a possiblity that she was never suffocated. Do you think "foolproof" was a word in Casey's vocabulary. George was the only one that we hear was suicidal. Could Casey have left her cell phone when she left after a fight with her mother choking her? The car seat and baby doll were left in the car as if Caylee were coming back. Where was Caylee when all the family drama was going on the night of the 15th? Here is where it gets mushy: Lee said that Casey and Caylee definately left on the night of the 15th. Cindy only "heard" them in the morning of the 16th
—Guest Nena


Maybe when they went to go see greatgrandpa , the grandmother made a comment to caylee such as, "don't ever grow up to be like your mother, she's a liar and a thief. GreatGrandma will make sure you are raised correctly." Maybe something like that , and everyone was agreeing with her which pissed Casey off and she tried to get back at her and them by killing her daughter.
—Guest Guest1


Casey is 22 , young and obviously outgoing and popular with friends and strangers. Her closest friends had no children, and her boyfriend was always pressuring her and asking her to come over. She had caylee for awhile, and was probably tired of having the responsibility of being a mother. She wanted to go out, have fun, get rid of any weight holding her down....including her daughter. I believe Casey snapped one day, whether it was pressure from friends/bf or being left out..ect. She put her daughter in the pool with duck tape around her mouth and nose , removed the ladder, and watched her drown.. Then put the ladder back and pulled her out .. I then believe she hosed her a bit and wrapped her in a towel with her blanket and stuck her in the trunk. Few days later she probably got the trash bag placed her daughter inside and went off to bury her. It may not have even been "her" she may have had an accomplice. That's what I believe . Poor Caylee.
—Guest Guest


CO poisoning from vehicle exhaust is the most common cause of poisoning deaths in the U.S. it is also hard to detect unless you have a CO detector. I believe caylee was a victim to CO poisoning or possibly drank the gasoline from a gas can that Casey was collecting. Maybe Casey left her car on in the garage one day, or left her daughter in the car while she went out to party and when she came back Casey was severely ill. Maybe Casey duck taped caylee and stuck her in the trunk with the fumes or seeing her really ill freaked out and wrapped her up and hid her in the trunk. Whether it was intentional or not, I know Casey is hiding something. Why did she not go to a hospital or call 911.. Maybe because she accidentally killed her daughter or she did it on purpose. She left her daughter in the trunk, and finally after a few days left to go bury her. I have suspicions over her ex-bf helping her but for now I see her as solo. Rip Caylee
—Guest Lizzie

Caylee's death was unintentional,

BUT, from a different 'perspective of the same fact'...Caylee disappeared B/C she was dead.

don't believe everything you think

Caylee fell asleep in the Pontiac in 'early-to-mid June(sleepin' with Nan; her babydoll] while waiting for the sitter that Casey arranged for the Fusion Lounge event night. So, Caylee's shoes and socks were taken off and she was asleep on her blanket in the hatch-trunk area (b/c the car was full of their belongings moved from Hopesprings Dr on June 9th) Their whole life was in that Pontiac when it disappeared; her phone, purse, daughter and everything Casey considered hers and Caylee's. ... FLAG DAY is the A-Family's "worst of worst days", Geo can't forget his involvement...to intentionally spoil Casey's plan to go to Fusion by avoiding Casey and leaving Caylee with her at Tony's stranded. The Pontiac was parked (where Casey couldn't/wouldn't find it) until after Geo left work June 14th; b/c he didn't know Caylee was with Nan in the trunk... The heinous murder story became necessary AFTER he saw her, decomposing in the trunk after spending all day in Florida's mid-June heat.

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