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Kentucky Death Row Inmate Robert Foley

Robert Foley - Age 21 at the time

Death Row Prison Photo
Robert Foley shot and killed brothers Rodney and Lynn Vaughn in his home in Laurel County, Kentucky in 1991.

Several adults and at least six children were present when Foley returned home from a car auction. The group sat at the kitchen table drinking beer when tempers flared. Rodney pointed at Foley and said not to sucker punch him again. Foley knocked Rodney to the floor, pulled his gun and shot him six times.

Everyone left but Rodney's brother, Lynn. Foley then shot Lynn in the back of the head and later dumped the bodies in a nearby creek. The bodies were discovered two days later. Foley was charged with Capital Murder, tried by a jury and sentenced to Death.

Second Case

In 1994, Foley was again convicted and sentenced to Death for the murder of four people. Their names were Kim Bowerstock, Calvin Reynolds, Lillian Contino and Jerry McMillan.

Foley became aware that Bowerstock was in the area. He was angry because he believed that she had informed his parole officer that he was selling drugs.

Foley found Bowerstock and immediately grabbed her by the hair. Reynolds came to her assistance. Foley pulled his pistol and shot Reynolds, then Bowerstock, then Contino, then McMillan. He returned to Bowerstock and shot her again in the back of the head. He took their valuables, placed the victims in a septic tank and covered them with lime and cement.


  • Kimberly Bowerstock
  • Lillian Contino
  • Jerry McMillen
  • Calvin Reynolds
  • Rodney Vaughn
  • Lynn Vaughn


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