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Two Cases, Two Death Sentences
Kentucky Death Row Inmate Benny Hodge

Benny Hodge- Age 34 at the time

Death Row Prison Photo
Benny Hodge was sentenced to death June 20, 1986, in Letcher County for the murder of Tammy Acker. The murder occurred when Hodge and two accomplices entered the home of a Fleming-Neon, Kentucky physician on the night of August 8, 1985. They choked the man unconscious and stabbed his daughter, Tammy Acker, 12 times with a butcher knife, while robbing her father of $1.9 million, handguns and jewelry.

Tammy Acker was found dead, with the butcher knife stuck through her chest and imbedded in the floor.

Second Case

Hodge also received a second death sentence on November 22, 1996 for the murder and robbery of Bessie and Edwin Morris in their home in Gray Hawk, Kentucky on June 16, 1985.

Mr. and Mrs. Morris were found with their hands and feet tied behind them. Mrs. Morris was shot twice in the back. Mr. Morris died as a result of a gunshot wound to his head, two blunt force head injuries and obstructed breathing caused by a ligature gag.

Accomplice: Benny Hodge


  • Tammy Acker
  • Her father survived strangulation with electric cord.
  • Bessie Morris
  • Edwin Morris


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