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Crime Issues Relating to Women

Issues relating to female crime perpetrators and women victims of crime, including rape, domestic abuse, stalking and others offenses.
  1. Domestic Violence
  2. Female Gangs (8)
  3. Female Offenders (42)
  4. Rape and Sexual Assault
  5. Stalking (6)

Why Do Women Like True Crime Books?
True crime books about murder, robbery and rape have become very popular and surprisingly women are more drawn to these gruesome stories than men.

Andrea Curry-Demus
Andrea Curry-Demus had a criminal history of trying to steal babies, but that didn't stop her from being set free to try it one more time.

Fetus Theft - Victims of Fetus Theft
A relatively new category of crime is on the rise. The crime is called by different names - fetus theft, Caesarean kidnappings and baby snatching. The crime? Near term pregnant women are being attacked and having their babies cut from their wombs. Regardless of if this happens while the woman are alive and aware seems to be of little interest to those doing it. And those doing it seem to do it wi…

The Carethia Curry Case
Carethia Curry, 17 and pregnant, had no reason to suspect that her new older friend, who was also pregnant, had devised a cold blooded plan to kill her and steal her unborn child from her womb.

Kathaleena Draper
Kathaleena Draper was 17 when her aunt, Erin Kuhn, brutally killed her and cut her baby from her womb.

The Case of Phiengchai Sisouvanh Synhavong
A young mother, nine months pregnant, is dead after her baby was cut from her womb and stolen. Phiengchai Sisouvanh Synhavong, found later with the baby in a bloodied car, claimed to be the child's mother.

The Deborah Evans Case
Deborah Evans, pregnant and a mother of three, could not have known the nightmare she was about to face when she opened the door to her ex-boyfriend and his friends.

Laura Lugo
Laura Lugo was lured into a friendship by two sisters that only wanted to steal her baby.

The Peggy Jo Conner Case
In October 2005, Peggy Jo Conner hit Valerie Oskin in the head with a baseball bat, put her into a vehicle and drove to a rural area where she attempted to cut Oskin's unborn baby from her womb.

Darcie Pierce
The Darcie Pierce case was the first documented case of Caesarean kidnapping in the U.S.

Michelle Bica
Michelle Bica was suspected of wanting a baby so badly that she would kill to get one.

What Is Domestic Abuse?
Domestic abuse is not always about violence, it is about control. Many victims of domestic abuse have never been physically assaulted.

'Cocaine Mom' Law
Buddy T, Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Guide, reviews the new laws in some states protecting unborn children and how they apply to both drug addicts and alcoholics.

Fetal Homicide Laws - What You Need to Know
An interesting look at the history, facts and arguments about fetal homicide laws.

Rape Shield Law
Laws in 49 states limit the use of a victim's prior sexual history as an attempt to undermine the credibility of the victim's testimony.

Stranger Danger Tips for Walkers
Wendy Bumgardner, Guide to Walking, offers tips for walkers who feel they are being followed or who actually get grabbed.

What is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?
Here is a clear understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace, examples of harassment, and what to do if you want to file a complaint.

Woman Not Guilty in Fetal Abuse Case
Buddy T, Guide to Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, writes on a ground breaking case and how its outcome prompted new laws to be written.

Keeping Women Business Travelers Safe
This is a good list of safety tips for women who travel alone for business or any other reason.

The Factbook on Global Sexual Exploitation
Find information about global sexual exploitation and known cases in areas of human trafficking, prostitution and pornography.

Tips for Women Traveling Alone
Sharon O'Brien has put together a list of helpful travel tips to help women feel more secure about traveling alone.

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