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Escaped Murderer Richard Lee McNair


Escaped Murderer Richard Lee McNair

Escaped Murderer Richard Lee McNair

US Marshal

Jogging Murderer Evades Capture:

Escaped murderer, Richard Lee McNair, has a way with words. He proved it when he convinced a police officer in Ball, Louisiana, last week that he was just out for a jog and the officer let him go. What the officer didn't know was this casual jogger had just escaped from the Federal Penitentiary in Pollock, Louisiana. McNair is still on the run.

US Marshals Turn Up the Heat on McNair's Capture:

The U.S. Marshals have turned up the heat to put McNair back behind bars by adding him to their 15 Most Wanted fugitive list and offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

McNair Hid Under Mail Bags to Escape:

Authorities believe McNair, who is serving three life sentences for murder, attempted murder and burglary in North Dakota, escaped after concealing himself in a secret compartment under a pallet of mail bags and was transported on a truck from the prison to a local mail facility, where he broke out from his hiding place and escaped.

History of Escapes:

Not only does McNair have a history of violence, he has a history of escapes. The escape from the detention center in Pollock was his third escape since his murder conviction in 1987. His other escapes included one from a North Dakota county jail in 1988, and the second in 1992 from a penitentiary in the same state.

McNair's Physical Description:

McNair, 47, is 6 feet tall, 210 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes. He wears glasses and was last seen with a goatee-type beard. He has scars on his left wrist and on both knees.


Richard McNair was captured by Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Campbellton, New Brunswick on Oct. 25, 2007 after they became suspicious of the van he was driving.
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