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Most Hated Man In America Byron Keith Perkins


Byron Perkins and Lea Ann Howard

Byron Perkins and Girlfriend Lea Ann Howard

Police Photo

Perkins Dubbed Most Hated Man In America:

U.S. Marshals have added "deadbeat dad" Byron Keith Perkins and his girlfriend Lea Ann Howard to their 15 Most Wanted fugitive list as they increase the effort to track down the man who promised to donate a kidney to his ailing son, but skipped town instead. This callous act resulted in his being dubbed the "most hated man in America."

Perkins Puts Son's Life In Jeopardy:

"This case was made one of our priorities because of the urgent nature of the situation. The life of this man's son is in jeopardy unless he gets this kidney transplant," said Robert J. Finan II, Assistant Director of the U.S. Marshals Investigative Services Division.

Authorities Worked With Perkins To Save His Child's Life:

Perkins (37) was allowed to leave jail in January after he convinced authorities that he was going to donate a kidney to save the life of his desperately ill son. He was in jail awaiting sentencing on a gun and drug conviction for which the minimum jail term is 25 years. A career criminal, he had previously served seven years for bank robbery.

Perkins and Girlfriend On The Run:

Marshals believe Perkins is traveling with his girlfriend Lea Ann Howard (36). They were last seen driving in a 1994 blue-green Ford Crown Victoria with Kentucky license plate 784-BHS. There have been reports that the fugitive couple might have fled to Mexico where they were allegedly sighted near Puerto Vallarta. Both Perkins and Howard have criminal records involving drugs and weapons, and Howard has a prior conviction for solicitation to murder.

Perkin's Physical Description:

Byron Keith Perkins, alias Eric Perkins, is a white male, height 6'3", weight 240 pounds. He has brown eyes and hair and a medium complexion. He has tattoos on both his left and right forearms, upper arms and shoulders.

Girlfriend Lea Ann Howard:

Lea Ann Howard, alias Lea Ann Spradlin, Lea Ann Alford, and Lea Ann Perkins, is a white female, height 5'7", weight 120 pounds, with blue eyes, brown hair and medium complexion. An insulin dependent diabetic, Howard also has a stab wound scar on her back and wears glasses. Howard is wanted by the U.S. Marshals for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution based on Kentucky state charges of robbery, marijuana trafficking and persistent felony offender.

Cautions and Reward:

Both Perkins and Howard are considered armed and dangerous. A reward of up to $25,000 is being offered for information directly leading to the arrest of either Byron Keith Perkins or Lea Ann Howard. Anyone with information about these fugitives is asked to call the U.S. Marshals at 877-WANTED2.

Recent Updates:

There have been reports that Byron Perkins and Lea Ann Howard might have fled to Mexico where they were allegedly sighted near Puerto Vallarta. They are telling people they were robbed in Puerto Vallarta so they have no money nor identification. They are stealing from Mexican nationals to finance their continued flight from justice.

Update: April 25, 2007: 'Most Hated Man' Captured in Mexico!


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