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Wanted for Murder

Fugitive Sought by the FBI


Fugitives currently at large who are wanted by the FBI for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution and murder charges. Information about these fugitives is taken directly from the FBI wanted posters.
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Saul Aguilar Jr.Saul Aguilar Jr.Fernando Arenas-CollazoFernando Arenas-CollazoAlicia Leonor BanuelosAlicia Leonor BanuelosArnulfo Beltran-BarbozaArnulfo Beltran-Barboza
Richard Lynn BareRichard Lynn BareMichael BellMichael BellManuel BenitezManuel BenitezSamuel Mora BonillaSamuel Mora Bonilla
Jason Derek BrownJason Derek BrownCyril L. ByrdCyril L. ByrdPaul Edmond CarpenterPaul Edmond CarpenterKevin Lamont CarterKevin Lamont Carter
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