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Fugitives Wanted by Law Enforcement

Rewards Offered for Information


Cesar Armando Laurean

Cesar Armando Laurean

When suspects who are accused of crimes decide to flee to avoid prosecution, they become the target of increased law enforcement efforts to locate them and bring them to justice.

Many times law enforcement agencies ask the public's help in locating fugitives. Wanted posters are posted in public places, published in the media and on the Internet with photos of the suspects and the details of their crimes. One of the most effective ways to get the public's interest in these cases is to offer a reward.

Wanted Fugitives Galleries

In many of the cases on the photo gallery pages below, rewards are available for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of these suspects.

    Wanted for Murder
    These are the most dangerous fugitives from crime, those who are accused of killing someone. They all must be considered armed and dangerous.

    Wanted for Violent Crimes
    These suspects are wanted for crimes in which violence or the threat of violence was used. This group includes those wanted for bank robbery, which is considered a violent crime.

    Wanted for Crimes Against Children
    Suspects in this photo gallery are wanted for various crimes against children. Many of them are accused of sexual molestation or assault.

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