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Connecticut - Crime Victims' Rights

Rights Granted to Victims of a Crime in the State of Connecticut


Victims of Crime Have the Right to:

  • Assistance in obtaining immediate medical care, if required;
  • Request to be notified of court proceedings, including arrest, arraignment, and release of the offender.
  • Be protected from harassment from an employer for appearing as a witness if you have received a subpoena.
  • Have property returned if it was seized by police in the investigation or prosecution of the crime committed against you.
  • Make an application for compensation for any bodily injuries you have suffered as a result of the crime.
  • Request to be informed of services and agencies that can help you, including the assistance of a court-based victim advocate.

If You are a Victim of Family Violence, Including Threats of Violence:

  • A police officer has the responsibility to decide whether or not to make an arrest. An officer can arrest with or without your consent if the officer believes a crime has been committed.
  • You have the right to request the arrest of an offender and the right to file a complaint with the police.
  • A person arrested for a family violence crime must appear in court the next court day, at which time a victim can request a protective order.
  • There are family violence victim advocates in each court to provide services and support to victims. Family Violence Intervention Units in each court evaluate cases and provide services for both victims and offenders.
  • You can contact the clerk of the court to know the court dates of the offender. You are encouraged to keep in touch with the victim advocate or family relations to see which court hearings are important for you to attend.
  • To obtain a court order to stop further physical injury or harassment contact the clerk of the civil court, family violence victim advocate or a lawyer.
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