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Kentucky - OVC Information

Victim Assistance, Compensation and State Program Report


Although many of these programs listed are funded with Federal dollars, OVC does not provide any guarantees regarding the quality of services or qualifications and expertise of direct service staff.

As with any other service you seek, it is incumbent upon the users of this Internet Service to conduct the appropriate screening before pursuing assistance. OVC neither endorses, has any responsibility for, nor exercises control over the organization's views or the accuracy of the information provided by any of these organizations. You should also know that some of the programs listed may charge a fee for services provided. Generally, the fee is based on a sliding scale. We suggest calling the program directly for information on victim services.

  • OVC Victim Assistance for Kentucky
    Phone: 502-564-3251
    Web Site

  • OVC Victim Compensation for Kentucky
    Phone: 1-800-469-2120 or 502-573-2290
    Web Site

  • VOCA Funded State Wide Analysis
    List of VOCA Victim Assistance grants/programs funded for the State of Kentucky listed by city.

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