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Help for Victims of Domestic Violence

Information, materials, and advice on policies, programs, legal issues, and legislation, and advocate forums, to help combat domestic violence and help victims and families of victims with assistance direction.
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The Four Types of Domestic Abuse
Physical violence in a domestic situation is always abusive, but domestic abuse can take many other forms.

Healthcare Costs Significant for Abused Women
Women who are victims of domestic violence and abuse not only face physical and emotional scares, but they also pay for it in increased healthcare costs, which continue along after the abuse stops.

Domestic Violence an 'Epidemic' Researchers Report
A random sample of more than 3,400 women in a group health program in the United States found that 44 percent of them had experienced intimate partner violence in their adult lifetime, a problem that affects their physical and mental health, according to researchers.

Kirk Douglas Billie
Miccosukee Indian Kirk Douglas Billie, 36, was sentenced to life in prison for the 1997 drowning death of his two sons, Kurt, 5 and Keith, 3. His case became a large dispute over tribal sovereignty and the state of Florida.

Changing Your Social Security Number
Often times victims of abuse change their identities. One step in doing this is to change your social security number.

Domestic Abuse -- Help for Victims
BuddyT, the Guide for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, examines the varying theories about what makes batterers use abuse on those closest to them.

Domestic Abuse and Alcohol
A thought provoking article written by BuddyT, Guide for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, that shows a different viewpoint surrounding the common belief that there is a connection between alcohol, drug abuse and domestic violence.

Domestic Abuse in Same-Sex Relationships
Ramon Johnson, the Guide to Gay Life, examines the reasons why we hear so little about domestic violence between gays and why so few cases are reported.

Domestic Abuse Screening Quiz
Is your relationship like most other couples, or has it developed into one that is truly abusive? This screening quiz can help you determine whether you might be involved in a destructive or harmful relationship.

Are You a Victim of Emotional Abuse?
Cathy Meyer, About.com Guide to Divorce Support, helps define the different forms of abuse and offers examples of emotional abuse.

Domestic Violence Types
Cathy Meyer, the Guide to Divorce Support, examines the various types of domestic violence tactics and abuses.

How to Help Your Friend
Douglas Larsen, Guide to Abuse and Incest Support offers suggestions and shares professional advice on how to help friends and loved ones who are being abused decide on finding help.

How Can Someone Identify and Respond to Verbal Abuse?
Cathy Meyer, About.com to Divorce Support, offers tips on recognizing verbal abuse and ways to respond.

Why Do Women Return?
A battered woman will return to her abuser eight or nine times before she leaves for good. Douglas Larsen, Guide to Abuse and Incest Support, examines some of the reasons this happens.

Women Can Be Batterers Too
BuddyT, Guide for Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, shares a letter from a former, male abuse victim, which sheds some light on the dynamics of abuse.

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