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Women Arrested for Indecent Behavior With Kids

The Dishonor Roll: Accused Female Pedophiles, Molesters and Sex Offenders


A photo gallery of female teachers, mothers and caregivers who were in a position of trust yet ended up facing a judge for charges ranging from inappropriate behavior to molestation and rape of young kids and teens.
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Melissa McBee Melissa McBee Kellie RyanKellie RyanTanya ThienngernTanya ThienngernApril SevilleApril Seville
Dr. Allison HargraveDr. Allison HargraveBella BarreraBella BarreraMarla Gurecki-HaskinsMarla Gurecki-HaskinsCarrie PerkinsCarrie Smith Perkins
Kristen SullivanKristen SullivanChristine NixonChristine NixonLauren TiloLauren TiloCandice PiankaCandace Pianka
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