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Denise Keesee

Charged With Sexual Abuse of Students


Denise Keesee

Denise Keesee

Denise Keesee, 38, was teaching math at Sherwood High School in Sherwood, Oregon when in November 2012 she was put on administrative leave after police began investigating a tip that she was sexually abusing one of her students. But as the investigation continued, it appeared that there were at least two incidents between 2006 and 2012 and possibly more.

On June 17, 2013, Keese was arrested and charged with six counts of second-degree abuse. According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office she is being accused of abusing two male students.

Keesee's husband is a Sherwood police officer working at Sherwood High School and also the varsity lacrosse coach. Although he has never been under investigation for any wrong doing, he has since been reassigned and his contract as coach was not renewed.

Denise Keesee resigned from her teaching position in May 2013.

Deputies are asking that anyone with more information about the case to call the Sheriff's office at 503-846-2673.

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