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Cesar Barone


Death Row Serial Killer:

Cesar Barone is currently on death row in Oregon, after being convicted of the rape and murder of three women in the Portland area. He faces a 89-year sentence for a fourth slaying.

His Preference - Senior-Aged Women:

In April of 1991, Barone raped and strangled to death 61-year-old Margaret Schmidt, inside her home.

Another Killing Six Months Later:

In October 1992, Barone shot bullets into a car, wounding mid-wife, Martha Bryant, as she drove home from work from the Tuality Hospital in Hillsboro. He then sexually assaulted her and dragged her from her car onto the road. He ended his assault by shooting her in the head at close range, killing her.

Barone's Youngest Known Victim:

In Portland, during December 1992, 23-years old Chantee Woodman was Barone's next known victim. He beat, sexually assaulted her, then shot her to death and left her body along U.S. 26 near Vernonia.

Victim Dies of a Heart Attack:

A month later, January 1993, 51-year-old Betty Williams was attacked by Barone inside her Portland apartment. She died after suffering a heart attack as Barone began sexually assaulting her.

His Sentencing:

Barone was given 89 years for Williams' killing, and received the death penalty for the slaying of Schmidt, Bryant, and Woodman.

Were There More Victims?:

Barone, at the age of 19, was suspected of raping and murdering by strangulation his 71-year-old neighbor, while she was in bed. He was sentenced to two years of juvenile detention for previously attacking the same woman. Florida did not seek prosecution since he is already on death row in Oregon. Authorities also suspect he was responsible for the beating of his grandmother around that same time, although he was acquitted for that crime.

His Rage Continues:

He managed to attack a female corrections officer while in prison.

Wonder What They Talked About?:

While in a Florida prison, he spent a short time as the cellmate of Ted Bundy, after Bundy's final arrest in 1979.
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