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Herbert Richard 'Herb' Baumeister

Founder of Sav-a-Lot and Serial Killer


Herbert Baumeister mug shot

Herbert Baumeister

Mug Shot
Herbert Richard "Herb" Baumeister (April 7, 1947 - July 3, 1996) was the founder of the thrift store chain Sav-a-Lot (not be confused with the St. Louis-based SAVE-A-LOT grocery chain) and he was an alleged serial killer from suburban Westfield, Indiana.

Baumeister's childhood was unremarkable, but when he entered his teens he began showing antisocial behavior which was later diagnosed as schizophrenia. Left untreated, he had a difficult time keeping a job yet managed to marry and father three children.


In 1988 Baumeister founded the Sav-a-lot thrift chain after working in a similar store for three years. The thrift store became a popular store for lower-income families and a percentage of the store's profit went to the Children's Bureau of Indianapolis.

The chain was a success and Baumeister became very rich. He also began spending a lot of time in homosexual bars in Indianapolis. Allegedly he would bring men he picked up back to his mansion where he would strangle them and dispose of their bones in the woods behind his home.

Investigators eventually ended up at Baumeister's estate after receiving a tip from a man who accused Baumeister of trying to kill him. Baumeister fled to Toronto and killed himself.

A Backyard Burial Ground

A search of his property uncovered the bones of 11 men. Baumeister was also suspected of killing nine more men and disposing of the bodies in rural areas between Indianapolis and Columbus.
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