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Rape and Sexual Assault

Information about rape and sexual assault and resources and support for victims.

Anonymous Rape Tests to Protect Victims
Victims who are reluctant to report being raped to the police will be able to take an anonymous forensic rape examination and preserve the evidence in case they change their mind later, thanks to a new federal policy.

Schools Can Take Action Against Date-Rape
Top administrators of the school -- whether it be a college, university, or high school -- should present an educational program about date-rape to their students. Incoming freshmen and transfer students should be required to attend.

Rape Survivors Support Chat
A online support community for survivors of rape, sexual assualt and abuse, domestic abuse and incest. Features live chat rooms and message boards.

A Woman's Worst Nightmare
An essay exploring why women are afraid of men.

Megan's Law by State & Victims' Rights by State
Find information about Megan’s Law and links to State websites that make registered sex offenders available to the public.

Men and Sexual Trauma
A look at the complex problems males experience as a result of being sexually assaulted.

Pornography as a Cause Of Rape
Dr. Diana E. H. Russell presents some of the research of a 25 year study on the topic of pornography and sexual assault.

Rape, the Most Intimate of Crimes
An examination of rape, featuring compelling interviews with victims and perpetrators.

Sexual Assault against Females
Although anyone - men, women, and children - can be assaulted, this fact sheet will focus on adult female victims of sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Pervasive in Military, Experts Say
Sexual assault remains a pervasive problem for women in the military, including those currently deployed overseas. Experts say the military's hierarchy is ill-equipped and unprepared to deal fairly with rape complaints.

Stop Prisoner Rape
SPR seeks to end sexual violence committed against men, women, and youth in all forms of detention.

The Wife Rape Information Page
A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Resource Guide for women who fear being, or have been, raped by their husbands.

Things Not to Say to a Survivor of a Sexual Crime
It is difficult to know what to say to a friend or loved one recovering from being sexually assaulted. This list offers advice on how to avoid saying the wrong thing.

What To Do In a Rape Situation
This is an excellent article, offering guidelines oh actions to take when in a rape situation and offers explanations of why doing these things will help police.

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