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Company Policies Can Curtail Violence in the Workplace

Businesses Can Diffuse Potentially Dangerous Situations


Because of the dramatic increase of incidents of violence in the workplace, many businesses are taking steps to address the problems before it gets to a dangerous level.

According to law enforcement officials, there are a number of steps that businesses can take to avoid situations that lead to workplace violence and deal with potentially dangerous situations.

Even small companies can establish a sign-in policy for visitors, install panic buttons and safe rooms, hire security guards, install good lighting, and develop a safety training program for all employees.

Avoiding Potential Danger

Here are other steps a company can take to avoid potential dangers:

  • When hiring new employees check references, backgrounds, history, criminal records and education thoroughly.

  • Define termination procedures clearly and develop a policy that includes advance notice, severance pay, and placement services.

  • Learn to recognize potentially violent employees. Signs of stress that could turn into violence include depression, talking in a louder than normal voice, being startled easily, frequent absences, increased irritability and impatience, and concentration and memory problems.

  • Encourage all employees to report unusual or worrisome behavior. Make sure they know who to report problems to and take those reports seriously.

  • Establish a pre-determined code word for employees to use when they need immediate assistance.

  • Develop a clear, written policy that spells out procedures in cases of violence and sanctions for any violators.

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