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iPod Muggings - A Growing Problem For Owners

Tips On Keeping Your Digital Audio Player and Yourself Out Of Harms Way


Thieves have moved from designer sneakers to iPods, iPhones and iPads and they aren't playing around. Here are tips on safeguarding yourself and your iPod or small small handheld electronic device.

Make Wise Choices

  • Some people choose to wear their mp3 players, cell phones and PDAs clipped to their belts for all the world to see, like some kind of 21st Century status symbol, but that may not be the best safety practice.
  • Change out the popular white iPod headphones for a pair of old dingy unidentifiable ones. Using the white headphones while out in the public is advertising that somewhere on your person you are carrying an item worth over $300 and has the capability of holding over 10,000 songs -- certainly a temptation for any thief.
  • Avoid carrying your iPod to and from school. Thieves who want to steal an iPod are going to head for the 'pond with the biggest fish' which is almost any high school campus throughout the country.
  • Consider purchasing something along the line of Apple's iPod Mini Armbands. It will free your hands and help you secure the iPod to your body instead of displaying it with a clip on your belt.

More Ways to Avoid Having Your iPod Stolen

  • Do not leave it unattended in public places.
  • Do not leave it on or in your desk at work.
  • Do not leave it in your school locker.
  • If you leave it in your car, lock it in the trunk.
  • Wear your iPod inside your clothing so that it cannot be easily snatched by a thief.
  • Be wise about where you choose to use it.
These same principles apply to all digital audio players, PDAs and cellphones or any small electronic device that you want to protect.

Until makers of digital audio players come out with a theft deterrent manufactured into the products, owners of these great devices should use the same caution that they would use if they had a few hundred dollars in their pocket.

One interesting note: in a recent segment on The Apprentice, the teams developed clothing designed to hold small electronic devices. Maybe this is a hint of things to come in helping to safeguard our growing inventories of small hand held electronics.

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