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Online Safety

The Internet can be educational and entertaining, but there are dangers on the information superhighway just as there are in any large community.

The Nigerian Email Scam
Posing as officials, businesspeople, or the surviving spouses of former government honchos in Nigeria con artists find their victims through email.

Unsecure Wi-Fi Networks Can Be Dangerous
Logging on to an unsecure Wi-Fi network can open up the personal information on your computer to nearby hackers and you may not know your information has been compromised until it is too late.

Internet Predators Don't Fit Stereotype
Internet sex offenders are not adults who are targeting young children by posing as another child, contrary to popular belief, they are adults who try to gain the trust of teenagers.

Spying On Our Children
Many parents are turning to computer monitoring software to see where their kids surf, what they chat about and what kind of pictures are exchanged while they are on the Internet. Is this spying or playing safe?

Ten Safety Rules for Kids Who Use the Internet
Teach your child how to enjoy the Internet safely.

Top Five Ways to Avoid Spam
Spammers get email addresses to send their messages to through a process called email address harvesting. There are steps consumers can take to protect their email address from harvesting programs.

Where Should Complaints Regarding An Internet Pharmacy Site Be Directed?
Questions and answers about Internet Pharmacies.

A Consumer's Guide to E-Payments: Paying it Safe
The FTC encourages you to make sure your transactions are secure and your personal information is protected. Although you can't control fraud or deception on the Internet, you can take steps to recognize it, avoid it and report it.

Parent's Guide to MySpace Safety
Your kids are probably going to find a way to use MySpace, so you may be better off having them do so at home under your supervision.

Why You May Need an Internet Filter
An Internet filter is a piece of software that helps block out websites that you do not want members your family to access.

Security Basics For Home Computing
As a home computer user accessing the Internet, whether through a broadband connection or traditional dial-up, you should do the following three things at a minimum to protect your computer.

What Does The Vipps Seal Seen On Some Internet Pharmacy Sites Mean?
Questions and answers about Internet Pharmacies.

Are The Rules Different For 'Life Style' Drugs?
Questions and answers about Internet Pharmacies.

Man Sentenced for Internet Harassment
A South Carolina man has been sentenced for sending harassing emails to his ex-girlfriend and to her place of employment. This case is believed to be the first federal prosecution of cyber harassment in the United States.

Answers To Your Questions About Internet Safety
If you are online, you should be concerned about Internet safety. Find answers to common questions about online safety.

Can Individual With A Prescription From A U.S. Doctor Buy From A Foreign Site?
Questions and answers about Internet Pharmacies.

Buying Meds Online: Buyer Beware!
Is ordering medicine online safe? Is it legal? Where do the drugs that you end up getting, come from? These and more questions are answered in this article about buying medicine online.

Internet Safety - Getting Help When You Are Threatened Online
A threat online can end up being a serious situation. Learn what to do if you feel threatened by someone through e-mail, chat rooms, and other interactive online forums.

Abuse of Usenet: Cyberstalked
Jayne Hitchcock was stalked after exposing a bogus literary agent on a Usenet newsgroup that she participated in. He took revenge by, among other things, listing her home phone and home address with Neo-Nazi and sex-related news groups. This is her story.

Is It Legal Buy Drugs From Foreign Sites & Have Them Shipped To The U.S.?
Questions and answers about Internet Pharmacies.

Love's Tangled Web
Reporter Bill Lagattuta takes a look at some of the ways you can check on people you meet online and explores the dangers of cyberdating with one woman’s horrific tale of nearly being killed by a man she met online.

Can An Online Pharmacy Fill Schedule Iii-V Controlled Substance Prescriptions?
Questions and answers about Internet Pharmacies.

OpenPGP - System Administration Tips and Resources
OpenPGP can be used, to digitally sign messages and allows for verification that the message came from the purported sender, and checks to see if it was altered in any way since it was signed.

Can An Online Pharmacy Fill Prescriptions For Schedule Ii Controlled Substances?
Questions and answers about Internet Pharmacies.

Do DEA Regulations Apply to An Internet Pharmacy?
Questions and answers about Internet Pharmacies.

Does The Label On A Prescription Filled Online Indicate The Internet Pharmacy?
Questions and answers about Internet Pharmacies.

Is It Legal For Internet Pharmacies To Approach A Physician?
Questions and answers about Internet Pharmacies.

Can Internet Pharmacies Approach A Physician to Write Prescriptions?
Questions and answers about Internet Pharmacies.

Requirements For Prescribing, Dispensing, And Importing Controlled Substances?
Questions about Internet pharmacies.

Can Underage Individuals Acquire Drugs On The Internet?
Learn about online drugs and juveniles.

What Are The Risks When Ordering Drugs Via The Internet?
Get informed on the risks of buying drugs online.

Can An Individual Order Drugs Using The Internet Without Seeing A Doctor?
Find out the answers to important legal questions before purchasing prescription drugs online.

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