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Ex-Boyfriend Charged in Murder of Lisa Underwood, Son

Bodies Found in Shallow Graves


Stephen Dale Barbee

Stephen Dale Barbee

Police photo
The bodies of a pregnant woman and her seven-year-old son were found in a shallow grave near Denton, TX just hours after her ex-boyfriend, and the father of her unborn child, was arrested and charged with murder in the deaths.

Lisa Underwood and her son Jayden had been the subject of an Amber Alert since Saturday when she failed to show up for her own baby shower. Her SUV was found Monday in a creek near Denton, TX about 30 miles from her Ft. Worth home.

Monday night, acting on an anonymous tip, police searched a north Fort Worth home in connection with the search for the missing woman and her son. Police would not give any details, except that they did find a specific item that they were directed to by the informant.

On Tuesday, police arrested Stephen Dale Barbee, 37, in Tyler, TX where he was working. Police say Barbee is the former boyfriend of Underwood and the father of her unborn child.

According to court records available to the press, Barbee told investigators that he and Underwood argued about Barbee leaving his wife. He told police that he suffocated Underwood and then suffocated seven-year-old Jayden when he interrupted the fight, which apparently took place Friday night at her home.

A Shallow Grave, A Muddy Man

Court records indicate that Barbee put the bodies in the back of Underwood's SUV and dug a shallow grave to bury the bodies.

Police have yet to explain the pool of blood found by family members at Underwood's home Saturday. They did return to the home to remove part of the carpet in the house.

Court papers also revealed that Barbee was briefly in the custody of a sheriff's deputy early Saturday morning after the deputy stopped a suspicious man who was covered in mud, but the man escaped by running into the woods.

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