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The Darren Mack Case

Background and Latest Developments


Darren Roy Mack

Darren Roy Mack

FBI Photo
On June 13, 2006, family court Judge Chuck Weller was shot in the chest through the window of his third-floor courthouse office in Reno, Nevada, by a sniper. On the same day, Charla Mack, wife of successful pawn-shop operator Darren Mack, was found stabbed to death in her condo. Judge Weller had presided over the couple's divorce. Police immediately began looking for the missing Darren Mack.

Latest Developments

Darren Mack Pleads Guilty to Murder
Nov. 5, 2007
As opening statements were underway in his murder trial, Darren Mack changed his plea to guilty of first-degree murder in the death of his wife and entered an Alford plea on charges of shooting the judge in their bitter divorce.

Previous Developments

Fugitive Darren Mack in Custody
June 23, 2006
A Nevada man wanted in connection with the murder of his wife and the sniper shooting of a family court judge has turned himself in to the U.S. Consulate in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico after apparently negotiating with the Reno district attorney.

'Millionaire Swinger' Darren Mack Still at Large
June 21, 2006
The FBI has added Darren Roy Mack, wanted in the investigation of the murder of his estranged wife and the June 13 shooting of a family court judge in Reno, to its Most Wanted List.

Sniper Sought in Judge's Shooting
June 13, 2007
Police are seeking a well-known pawnshop owner in connection with the shooting of a controversial family-court judge, who was wounded in his third-floor courthouse office by a sniper's bullet.[p

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