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BTK Suspect Charged With 10 Counts of Murder

Two Victims Added to BTK's List


Updated March 02, 2005
Dennis Rader, the man arrested in connection with the infamous Wichita, Kansas "Blind, Torture, Kill" serial killings, has been officially charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and his bond set at $10 million.

Rader appeared before Judge Gregory Waller via video conference from his jail cell and listened to the 10 counts of murder read against him, while family members of his victims and some of his neighbors watched from the courtroom.

Until the arrest of Rader, authorities believed that the BTK killer was responsible for eight murders in the area -- seven between 1974 and 1977, and an eight in 1986 that was added to the list when BTK resurfaced last March and took credit for an unsolved murder.

BTK's Victims

The following eight cases were those who were on the original list of BTK victims:

The Otero Family
On January 15, 1974, Joseph and Julie Otero, their nine-year-old son Joseph II, and their 11-year-old daughter Josephine were found dead in their home by another family member, 15-year-old Charlie. Joseph, Julie, and young Joseph were all bound at the wrists and ankles. Josephine was hanging by her neck from a pipe in the basement. She was partially nude, dressed only in a sweatshirt and socks. All had been strangled with cord cut from a Venetian blind.

Kathryn Bright
On April 4, 1974, just three months after the first murders, 21-year-old Kathryn Bright was found dead in her home. She also was bound and had multiple stab wounds to the abdomen. She was partially undressed and that there was obvious ligature marks around her neck.

Shirley Vian
On March 17, 1977, police discovered 26-year-old Shirley Vian on her bed partially undressed, hands and feet bound, with a plastic bag draped over her head. She had cord wrapped tightly around her neck. An armed intruder locked Shirley's three children in the closet, but they managed to escape and call police.

Nancy Jo Fox
On Dec. 8, 1977, someone called the Wichita emergency hotline and said, "Go to this address... You will find a homicide - Nancy Fox." officers discovered 25-year-old Nancy Jo Fox dead in her bedroom, a nylon stocking twisted around her neck. Unlike previous victims, she was fully clothed.

Vicki Wegerle
On September 16, 1986, Vicki Wegerle was found strangled in her Wichita home. EMTs called to the scene removed her body and took it to a hospital before police could make crime-scene photographs.

More BTK Victims

Dennis Rader was also charged in the following two cases, which previously were not on the list of murders for which BTK had claimed responsibility for in communications with the press and police:

Marine Hedge
The body of 53-year-old Marine Hedge was found along a dirt road eight days after she was abducted from her Park City home on April 27, 1985. She was strangled and a knotted pair of panty hose was found near her body. This is the victim who lived on the same street as Rader.

Delores Davis
Davis, 62, was found 13 days after she was abducted from her home near Park City on Jan. 19, 1991 under a bridge. Her hands, feet and knees were bound with panty hose and she was strangled to death.

These are the murders for which Rader was charged March 1, 2005, but there may be more charges in the future. Police in nearby jurisdictions have been prompted, by the arrest of Rader, to take a closer look at several cold cases that bear similarities to the string of slayings.

Investigators in Hutchinson, Harvey and Reno counties all have unsolved deaths in their jurisdictions which have similarities to the BTK cases.

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