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Ian Brady


Moors Murderer
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Ian Brady, born Ian Duncan Stewart, is a British serial killer, responsible for a series of murders that took place from 1962 until 1965 in Greater Manchester.

Personal Information:

  • Born - January 2, 1938
  • Birthplace - Glasgow, Scotland
  • Gender - Male
  • Religion - Unknown
  • Ethnicity - White
  • Description of The Crimes:

    During the 1960s, Ian and his girlfriend, Myra Hindley, sexually abused and murdered young children and teens then buried their bodies along the Saddleworth Moor, in what became known as the Moor Murders.

    Ian Brady's Youth:

    At an early age Ian Brady was enthralled by the human atrocities that took place in Nazi Germany. His interest in sadism intensified by reading books on torture and sadomasochism, particularly the writings of Friedrich Nietzche and Marquis de Sade.

    A Troubled Teen:

    Brady demonstrated an above average intelligence but his laziness shadowed his academic success. He was placed on probation for a series of small crimes and sent to a borstall, a school for troubled teens. Brady, no longer interested in making a legitimate living, used the time of his incarceration to educate himself about crime.

    Ian Bradley and Myra Hindley Meet:

    After leaving the borstall he had various jobs, one being at Millwards Merchandising. It was there that he met Myra Hindley and together they began the horrific torture, rape, and murder of young girls and boys.

    The Witness to Crime:

    On October 7, 1965, Myra's brother-in-law, David Smith, went to the police and reported a bizarre story of a murder he witnessed at the home of Myra and Brady. After witnessing Brady strike a young man repeatidly with an ax, Smith feared for his own life, and helped Myra and Brady remove the body and clean up the scene. At that time, Brady told Smith about other murders and that they buried the bodies at the Moors.

    The Evidence:

    The police searched the Brady home and found the body of the young man who was killed with an ax. Pictures that were found on the premises gave the police an idea of where victims of the two were buried on the Moors. After a full investigation, Brady confessed to killing four children found in shallow graves. Later he admitted to an additional five murders but the bodies could never be found.

    Pictures Don't Lie:

    After discovering pictures located in a suitcase locked in a locker, Myra was also charged with the murders. She insisted she was innocent despite the pictures and audio tapes of her with the young children that were victimized.

    Sentencing: The death sentence in Great Britain had just been overturned when Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were arrested. On May 6, 1966, Brady was found guilty on three counts of murder and sentenced to three terms of life imprisonment. Hindley was found guilty on two counts of murder and for harboring Brady. She received two life sentences and a concurrent seven-year sentence.

    The case of Brady and Hindley is considered one of the most grisly serial crimes in Great Britain history.

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