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Steve Grogan

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Steve Grogan aka Clem

Steve Grogan aka Clem

Steve Grogan was convicted and sentenced to death in 1971 for his participation in the murder of Spahn ranch hand, Donald "Shorty" Shea. His death sentence was commuted to life when judge James Kolts decided Grogan was "too stupid and too hopped up on drugs to decide anything on his own."

Grogan, who joined the family at the age of 22, was a high school drop out and viewed by some family members as having been borderline retarded. He was a good musician however, and easy to manipulate, two characteristics which made him of value to Charles Manson.

In prison Grogan eventually renounced Manson and voiced his regret for his actions while in the Manson family. In 1977 he provided authorities with a map to the location to where Shea's body was buried. His remorse and his excellent prison record won him parole in November 1985 and he was released from prison. To this day, Grogan is the only Manson family member convicted of murder who has been released from prison.

Since his release he has kept away from media and it is rumored he is a law abiding house painter in the San Francisco area.

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