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Ella Jo Bailey

aka Yellerstone


Ella Jo Bailey

Ella Jo Bailey aka Yellerstone

In 1967 Ella Jo Bailey and Susan Atkins were living in a commune in San Francisco. It was there that they met Manson and decided to leave the commune and join the Manson Family. During that year she travelled around the southwest with Manson, Mary Brunner, Patricia Krenwinkel and Lynne Fromme, until they moved to the Spahn Ranch in 1968.

Not much has been written about Bailey, other than it was Bailey along with Patricia Krenwinkel who were hitchhiking in Malibu, California when picked up by Beach Boys' Dennis Wilson. This meeting was the jumpstart in the Family's relationship with the famous musician.

Bailey stayed with the Family up until murder became part Manson's agenda. After the murder of Donald "Shorty" Shea Bailey left the group and later testified for the people during the Hinman murder trial.

Excerpts from her testimony:

    "He (Charles Manson) stated that he had words with Mr. Hinman, and they had a heated argument, and then it became necessary for him to quiet Gary Hinman down, and he stated that he used a sword and cut Gary Hinman from his left ear down to his chin.

    "He also said that he had quieted Gary down, and the girls put Gary in bed, and that Mr. Hinman asked for his prayer beads and after that he said that he had left Bobby to finish up.

    "He said that two or three shots had been fired at the house. He also said that Bobby was foolish to ever let Sadie hold the gun on Mr. Hinman.

    "He said that all they had gained from going to Gary's house were the two vehicles and around $27."

Her whereabouts today are unknown.

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